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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Sun in a Bottle02/15/1970 5:30 pmITVUK10
1Castle Saburac02/22/1970ITVUK5
1The Curse of Rapkyn03/01/1970 5:30 pmITVUK77
1The Witching Hour03/08/1970ITVUK66
1The Eye of Time03/15/1970ITVUK77
1The Magic Face03/22/1970ITVUK66
1The Telling Bone03/29/1970 5:30 pmITVUK33
1The Power of Adamcos04/05/1970 5:30 pmITVUK7
1The Demi Devil04/12/1970ITVUK6
1The House of the Sorcerer04/19/1970ITVUK5
1The Flying Broomsticks04/26/1970ITVUK66
1The Wisdom of Solomon05/03/1970ITVUK6
1The Trickery Lantern05/10/1970ITVUK66
2The Magic Riddle01/10/1971ITVUK7
2Duck Halt01/17/1971ITVUK8
2The Heavenly Twins01/24/1971 5:35 pmITVUK5
2The Sign of the Crab01/31/1971 5:35 pmITVUK8
2The Black Wheels02/07/1971 5:35 pmITVUK7
2The Wogle Stone02/14/1971 5:35 pmITVUK9
2The Enchanted King02/21/1971 5:35 pmITVUK8
2The Familiar Spirit02/28/1971 5:35 pmITVUK5
2The Ghost Hunters03/07/1971 5:35 pmITVUK8
2The Walking Trees03/14/1971ITVUK7
2The Battle of the Giants03/21/1971ITVUK7
2The Magic Circle03/28/1971ITVUK7
2The Thirteenth Sign04/04/1971ITVUK7