Army Game

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Army Game06/19/1957 8:30 pmITVUK7
1The Misguided Missiles07/03/1957ITVUK3
1The Convicts Return07/17/1957ITVUK
1Open Day07/31/1957ITVUK
1Episode08/14/1957 8:30 pmITVUK1
1The Mad Bull09/11/1957ITVUK8
1The Still09/25/1957ITVUK
1The Volunteers10/09/1957ITVUK
1The Civilian Clerk10/23/1957ITVUK
1The Rise and Fall of Private Popplewell11/20/1957ITVUK
1The New Officer12/04/1957ITVUK7
1The Chit12/04/1957ITVUK
2The Thing from Outer Space12/20/1957ITVUK
2W.R.A.A.C.S.12/27/1957 8:30 pmITVUK1111
2Getting Shot Off01/03/1958ITVUK7
2The Quarrel01/10/1958ITVUK
2Any Complaints01/17/1958ITVUK1
2To a Haggis01/24/1958ITVUK
2Brothers in Law02/07/1958ITVUK
2That's the Ticket02/14/1958ITVUK
2Brothers Officers02/28/1958ITVUK
2The Recruits03/07/1958ITVUK
2Unknown Title03/14/1958ITVUK
2Unknown Title03/14/1958ITVUK
2Bring on the Dancing Girls03/28/1958ITVUK1
2Quiz Kids04/04/1958ITVUK
2Guinea Pigs04/11/1958ITVUK
2The Investigator04/18/1958ITVUK
2No Title04/25/1958ITVUK
2Money to Burn05/02/1958ITVUK
2The Initiative Task05/09/1958ITVUK
2Treasure Trove05/23/1958ITVUK1
2Derby Day05/30/1958ITVUK1
2Poetry Prize06/06/1958ITVUK
3The Special Investigator09/19/1958ITVUK
3A Soldier's Farewell09/26/1958ITVUK
3The Invisible Soldier10/03/1958ITVUK
3The Garden Fete10/10/1958ITVUK1
3Fit as a Fiddle10/17/1958ITVUK
3The Bogus Sergeant Major10/24/1958ITVUK
3Happy Birthday Major Duckworth10/31/1958ITVUK
3The Phantom Strikes Again11/07/1958ITVUK
3The Flying Visitors11/14/1958ITVUK
3Dodging the Draft11/21/1958ITVUK1
3Amateur Talent11/28/1958ITVUK
3Dinner Is Served12/05/1958ITVUK
3X MarksThe Spot12/12/1958ITVUK
3The Happy Couple12/19/1958ITVUK1
3Ebeneezer Scrooge12/26/1958ITVUK
3The Desperate Hours01/02/1959ITVUK
3Officer Material01/09/1959ITVUK
3Grand Hotel01/23/1959ITVUK
3Bootsie's Butler01/23/1959ITVUK
3The C.O.'s Aunt01/30/1959ITVUK
3St Valentine's Day02/13/1959ITVUK
3The Folk Singers02/20/1959ITVUK
3Friday the Thirteenth03/13/1959ITVUK
3The Old Car03/20/1959ITVUK
3The Separation03/27/1959ITVUK
3I Was Snudge's Double04/03/1959ITVUK
3The Military Mission04/10/1959ITVUK
3All Quiet on the Western Front04/17/1959ITVUK
3The System04/24/1959ITVUK
3The Eating Contest05/01/1959ITVUK
3The Siege05/08/1959ITVUK
3The Soldier's Chorus05/15/1959ITVUK
3The Fiddler's Return05/22/1959ITVUK
3Bang You're Dead05/29/1959ITVUK
3The Trouble with Bootsie06/05/1959ITVUK
3Strength Through Day06/12/1959ITVUK
Snudge and Jimmy Goblin 10/09/1959ITVUK
4Snudge and Jimmy O'Goblin10/09/1959ITVUK10
Snudge's Budgie 10/16/1959ITVUK
4The Take-Over Bid10/16/1959ITVUK8
The Camera Never Lies 10/23/1959ITVUK
4Enter a Dark Stranger10/23/1959ITVUK10
4Snudge's Budgie10/30/1959ITVUK13
4Where There's Smoke10/30/1959ITVUK10
4When the Poppies Bloom Again11/13/1959ITVUK13
Night Train to Itchwick 11/20/1959ITVUK
4Miracle in Hut 2911/20/1959ITVUK7
4Officers and Gentlemen11/27/1959ITVUK9
4Tiger Bisley12/04/1959ITVUK11
4The Bisley Court Martial12/11/1959ITVUK11
4The Long Walk12/18/1959ITVUK8
4Happy New Year01/01/1960 8:25 pmITVUK1
4The Invisible Man01/08/1960ITVUK1
4Bowler Hatting of Pocket01/15/1960ITVUK7
4The Soft Life01/22/1960ITVUK6
4Son of Snudge01/29/1960 8:25 pmITVUK8
A Rocket Called Fred02/05/1960 8:25 pmITVUK9
4A Rocket Called FRED02/05/1960ITVUK9
4Don't Send My Boy to Prison02/12/1960 8:25 pmITVUK8
4A Piece of Cake02/19/1960 8:25 pmITVUK7
4Never Volunteer02/26/1960 8:25 pmITVUK7
4A Marriage Has Been Arranged03/04/1960 8:25 pmITVUK12
4The Good Old Days03/11/1960 8:25 pmITVUK11
4A Question in the House03/18/1960 8:25 pmITVUK8
4The Claude Snudge Story03/25/1960 8:25 pmITVUK3
4April Fool04/01/1960 8:25 pmITVUK7
4Goodnight Ladies04/08/1960 8:25 pmITVUK3
4One of the Lads04/15/1960ITVUK7
4Holding the Baby04/22/1960 8:25 pmITVUK10
Penpals Anonymous 04/29/1960ITVUK
4Are You Receiving Me?05/06/1960ITVUK7
4The Efficiency Expert05/13/1960 8:25 pmITVUK9
4Bull by the Horn05/20/1960 8:25 pmITVUK7
4A Touch of the Other05/27/1960 8:25 pmITVUK3
4Pen Pals Anonymous05/29/1960ITVUK9
4The Feud06/03/1960 8:25 pmITVUK2
4Out of This World06/10/1960 8:25 pmITVUK6
4Emergency Hut 2906/17/1960 8:25 pmITVUK5
5The Return of the Pig09/27/1960ITVUK8
5The Informer10/04/1960ITVUK8
5The Do-Gooders10/11/1960ITVUK11
5The Marshall's Baton10/18/1960ITVUK10
5It's in the Book11/01/1960ITVUK9
5Waltzing Matilda11/08/1960ITVUK9
5The Kindest Man in Britain11/15/1960 8:00 pmITVUK10
5Say It with Flowers11/22/1960ITVUK1
5Music Hath Charms11/29/1960ITVUK1
5Suddenly This Write12/06/1960ITVUK1
5The Artist12/20/1960ITVUK9
5Private Cinders12/27/1960ITVUK2
Tunes Of Glory01/03/1961 8:55 pmITVUK
5Tunes of Glory01/03/1961ITVUK1
5Now It Can Be Told01/10/1961ITVUK1
Keep It Out Of The Draught01/17/1961ITVUK
5Keep It Out of the Draught01/17/1961ITVUK1
5Outward Bound01/24/1961ITVUK1
5All at Sea01/31/1961ITVUK1
5Decline and Fall02/07/1961ITVUK1
5My Funny Valentine02/14/1961ITVUK1
5Any Complaints?02/21/1961ITVUK1
5Unknown Title02/28/1961ITVUK1
The Beast Of Nether Hopping03/07/1961ITVUK
5The Beast of Nether Hopping03/07/1961ITVUK1
5The Green Fingers03/14/1961ITVUK1
5Cold Cure03/21/1961ITVUK1
5The Man Who Never Was03/28/1961ITVUK1
5Poison Pen04/04/1961ITVUK1
5Into the Breach04/11/1961ITVUK1
5Unknown Title04/18/1961ITVUK1
5Vice Versa04/25/1961ITVUK1
The Body In The Bath05/02/1961ITVUK
5The Body in the Bath05/02/1961ITVUK1
5Unknown Title05/09/1961ITVUK1
Fun And Adventure05/16/1961ITVUK
5Fun and Adventure05/16/1961ITVUK1
5A Certain Thing05/23/1961ITVUK1
Tea And Sympathy05/30/1961 8:55 pmITVUK2
5Tea and Sympathy05/30/1961ITVUK1
5The D-Day Dodger06/06/1961ITVUK1
The Importance Of Being Eric06/13/1961ITVUK
5The Importance of Being Eric06/13/1961ITVUK1
5Unknown Title06/20/1961ITVUK1