Screen One

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1One Way Out09/10/1989UK
1The Accountant09/24/1989UK
1Home Run10/01/1989UK
1Blore M.P.10/22/1989UK
2News Hounds09/02/1990UK
2Frankenstein's Baby09/09/1990UK
2The Police09/16/1990UK
2Sweet Nothing09/23/1990UK
2Can You Hear Me Thinking?09/30/1990UK
2One Last Chance10/07/1990UK
2Sticky Wickets10/14/1990UK
2Survival of the Fittest10/21/1990UK
2Dark City12/11/1990UK
2Happy Feet01/01/1991UK
1The Mountain and the Molehill06/13/1991UK
3Hancock09/01/1991 9:25 pmBBC1UK3128
3Tell Me That You Love Me09/08/1991UK
3Filipina Dreamgirls09/15/1991UK
3Dancin' thru the Dark09/22/1991UK
3Alive and Kicking10/13/1991UK
1She's Been Away12/01/1991UK
3Adam Bede03/01/1992UK
4A Very Polish Practice09/06/1992UK
4Disaster at Valdez09/13/1992UK
4Born Kicking09/20/1992UK
4Black and Blue09/27/1992UK
3A Question of Attribution10/04/1992UK
4Seconds Out10/04/1992UK
4Running Late10/11/1992UK
4Losing Track10/18/1992UK
4Trust Me10/25/1992UK
5Wide-Eyed and Legless09/05/1993UK
5A Foreign Field09/10/1993UK
5Down Among the Big Boys09/19/1993UK
5Royal Celebration09/26/1993UK
5Wall of Silence10/17/1993UK
5The Bullion Boys10/24/1993UK
6A Breed of Heroes09/04/1994UK
6Pat and Margaret09/11/1994UK
6Two Golden Balls09/18/1994UK
6Murder in Mind10/02/1994UK
6Doggin' Around10/16/1994UK
5Money for Nothing10/23/1994UK
5Tender Loving Care10/06/1998UK