SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Elephant Thieves01/11/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA1010
Predator of Wameru01/18/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
The Killer Lion01/25/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
Adventure of the Lion Cubs02/01/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
Trail of the Cheetah02/08/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA9
Leopard of Madla George02/15/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA9
The Diamond Smugglers03/01/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
The Chimp Who Went Ape03/08/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
The Killer Dog03/15/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
Return of the Killer03/22/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA
Return of the Killer: Part 203/29/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA10
The Man-Eater of Wameru04/05/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
Crisis at the Compound04/12/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
The Hostages04/19/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Judy and the Hyena04/26/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
Wall of Flames: Part 105/03/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
Wall of Flames: Part 205/10/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
Judy and the Gunrunners05/17/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
The Return of Clarence09/13/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Deadline to Kill09/20/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
Daktari's Last Hunt09/27/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Judy's Hour of Peril10/04/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Cheetah at Large10/11/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
The Test10/18/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
Born to Die10/25/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
The Trial11/01/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
Death in the African Sun11/15/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Revenge of the Leopard11/22/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
Shoot to Kill11/29/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
Cry for Help12/06/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
Clarence the Killer12/20/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
The Chimp Who Cried Wolf12/27/1966 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
Little Miss Nightingale01/03/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Judy and the Gorilla01/10/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
House of Lions01/17/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Undercover Judy01/24/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Countdown for Paula01/31/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Terror in the Bush02/07/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Judy and the Baby Elephant02/14/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
A Bullet for Hedley02/21/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
Judy the Poacher02/28/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
Goodbye Mike Makula03/07/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Operation Springtime03/14/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
King Clarence03/21/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
The Long Hunt03/28/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
Judy and the Vulture04/04/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
A Cub Called Danger04/11/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Judy and the Astro-Chimp09/05/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
The Execution09/12/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Crime Wave at Wameru09/19/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
Miracle in the Jungle09/26/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
Killer Tribe10/03/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
The Scent of Fear10/10/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
The Return of the Phantom10/17/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Countdown for Judy10/24/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Judy and the Jailbirds10/31/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
One of Our Cubs Is Missing11/07/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Judy and the Thoroughbred11/14/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
The Return of Ethel and Albert11/21/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Judy and the Wizard11/28/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
Clarence's Love-In12/05/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
The Elephant Raid: Part 112/12/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
The Elephant Raid: Part 212/19/1967 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Riddle of the Bush01/02/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
The Big Switch01/09/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
License to Kill01/16/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
Judy Strikes Back01/23/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
The Killer Cub01/30/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
Toto the Great02/13/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
The Lion Killer02/20/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
The Killer of Wameru02/27/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
The Monster of Wameru03/05/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
The Will to Live03/12/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA4
A Family for Jenny09/25/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
Clarence, the Lion-Hearted10/02/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
African Heritage10/09/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
The Outsider10/16/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
Strike Like a Lion10/23/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA5
Adam and Jenny10/30/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
A Man's Man11/06/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
The Runaways11/13/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
African Showdown11/20/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
Once Upon a Fang11/27/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
The Divining Rods12/11/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
The Discovery12/18/1968 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
Jungle Heartbeat01/01/1969 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
A Tiger's Tale01/08/1969 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
Judy Comes Home01/15/1969 7:30 pmCBSUSA5