Brady Bunch

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Honeymoon09/26/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA12
Dear Libby10/03/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Eenie, Meenie, Mommy Daddy10/10/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore10/17/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA9
Katchoo10/24/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA9
A Clubhouse Is Not a Home10/31/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Kitty Karry-All Is Missing11/07/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA10
A-Camping We Will Go11/14/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA9
Every Boy Does It Once12/05/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Vote for Brady12/12/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA10
The Voice of Christmas12/19/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Is There a Doctor in the House?12/26/1969 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Father of the Year01/02/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA12
54-40 and Fight01/09/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Mike's Horror-Scope01/16/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA10
The Undergraduate01/23/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Coming Out Party01/29/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA
Tiger! Tiger!01/30/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA10
The Big Sprain02/06/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Brace Yourself02/13/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA10
The Hero02/20/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA11
The Possible Dream02/27/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA12
To Move or Not to Move03/06/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA11
The Grass Is Always Greener03/13/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA9
Lost Locket, Found Locket03/20/1970 8:00 pmABCUSA10
The Dropout09/25/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA9
The Babysitters10/02/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA9
The Slumber Caper10/09/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA10
The Un-Underground Movie10/16/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA9
Going, Going...Steady10/23/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA
Call Me Irresponsible10/30/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA11
The Treasure of Sierra Avenue11/06/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA10
A Fistful of Reasons11/13/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA11
The Not-So-Ugly Duckling11/20/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA11
Sorry, Right Number11/21/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA
The Tattle-Tale12/04/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA9
What Goes Up...12/11/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA10
Confessions Confessions12/18/1970 7:30 pmABCUSA
The Impractical Joker01/01/1971 7:30 pmABCUSA9
Where There's Smoke01/08/1971 7:30 pmABCUSA12
Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?01/15/1971 7:30 pmABCUSA11
The Drummer Boy01/22/1971 7:30 pmABCUSA10
Our Son, the Man02/05/1971 7:30 pmABCUSA10
The Liberation of Marcia Brady02/12/1971 7:30 pmABCUSA13
Lights Out02/19/1971 7:30 pmABCUSA10
The Winner02/26/1971 7:30 pmABCUSA10
Double Parked03/05/1971 7:30 pmABCUSA11
Alice's September Song03/12/1971 7:30 pmABCUSA11
Tell It Like It Is03/26/1971ABCUSA11
Ghost Town USA09/17/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA
Grand Canyon or Bust09/24/1971ABCUSA10
The Brady Braves10/01/1971ABCUSA10
The Wheeler-Dealer10/08/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA10
My Sister Benedict Arnold10/15/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA
Personality Kid10/22/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA
Juliet Is the Sun10/29/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA9
And Now a Word from Our Sponsor11/05/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA
The Private Ear11/12/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA9
Her Sister's Shadow11/19/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA12
Click11/26/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA9
Getting Davy Jones12/10/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA15
The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses12/24/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA9
The Teeter-Totter Caper12/31/1971 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Big Little Man01/07/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Dough Re Mi01/14/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Jan's Aunt Jenny01/21/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA10
The Big Bet01/28/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA9
The Power of the Press02/04/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Sergeant Emma02/11/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA9
Cindy Brady, Lady02/18/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Pass the Tabu02/29/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA
My Fair Opponent03/03/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA11
The Fender Benders03/10/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Hawaii Bound09/22/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA10
The Tiki Caves10/06/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA12
Today I Am a Freshman10/13/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA
Fright Night10/27/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA9
The Show Must Go On??11/03/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA12
Jan, the Only Child11/10/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA9
Career Fever11/17/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA9
Cyrano de Brady11/20/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA
Goodbye, Alice, Hello11/24/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Greg's Triangle12/08/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Everyone Can't Be George Washington12/22/1972 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Love and the Older Man01/05/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Law and Disorder01/12/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Greg Gets Grounded01/19/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Amateur Nite01/26/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Bobby's Hero02/02/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA11
The Subject Was Noses02/09/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA11
How to Succeed in Business?02/23/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA10
The Great Earring Caper03/02/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA9
You're Never Too Old03/09/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA9
You Can't Win 'Em All03/16/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA11
A Room at the Top03/23/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA9
Adios, Johnny Bravo09/14/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA12
Mail Order Hero09/21/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Snow White and the Seven Bradys09/28/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Never Too Young10/05/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Peter and the Wolf10/12/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA14
Getting Greg's Goat10/19/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA12
Marcia Gets Creamed10/26/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA12
My Brother's Keeper11/02/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA9
Quarterback Sneak11/09/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Try, Try Again11/16/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA10
The Cincinnati Kids11/23/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA10
The Elopement12/07/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA12
Miss Popularity12/21/1973 8:00 pmABCUSA9
Kelly's Kids01/04/1974 8:00 pmABCUSA13
The Driver's Seat01/11/1974 8:00 pmABCUSA10
Out of This World01/18/1974 8:00 pmABCUSA12
Welcome Aboard01/25/1974 8:00 pmABCUSA13
Two Petes in a Pod02/08/1974 8:00 pmABCUSA11
Top Secret02/15/1974 8:00 pmABCUSA12
The Snooperstar02/22/1974 8:00 pmABCUSA11
The Hustler03/01/1974 8:00 pmABCUSA12
The Hair-Brained Scheme03/08/1974 8:00 pmABCUSA11