Z Cars

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Four Of A Kind01/02/1962 8:30 pmBBCUK21
1The Limping Rabbit01/09/1962 8:30 pmBBCUK19
1Handle With Care01/16/1962 8:30 pmBBCUK17
1Stab In The Dark01/23/1962 8:30 pmBBCUK23
1The Big Catch01/30/1962 8:25 pmBBCUK221
1Friday Night02/06/1962 8:45 pmBBCUK26
1Suspended02/13/1962 8:25 pmBBCUK20
1Family Feud02/20/1962UK29
1Threats and Menaces03/06/1962UK2
1Jail Break03/13/1962UK
1What Kind Of Hero03/20/1962UK3
1Sudden Death03/27/1962UK4
1Found Abandonned04/03/1962UK3
1The Best Days04/10/1962UK2
1Invisible Enemy04/17/1962UK2
1Down And Out04/24/1962UK2
1Further Enquiries05/01/1962UK1
1Winner Take All05/08/1962UK2
1People's Property05/15/1962UK3
1Hi-Jack!05/22/1962 8:25 pmBBCUK2119
1Incident Reported05/29/1962UK2
1Never On Wednesdays06/05/1962UK4
1Day Trip06/12/1962UK21
1Affray06/19/1962 7:55 pmBBCUK26
1Appearance In Court07/10/1962UK2
1Sunday Morning07/24/1962UK
1Unconditional Surrender07/31/1962 7:55 pmBBCUK21
2On Watch - Newtown09/19/1962UK6
2Full Remission09/26/1962UK3
2Truth Or Dare10/03/1962 8:00 pmBBCUK2
2Information Received10/10/1962 8:00 pmBBCUK3
2Friendly Relations10/17/1962 8:00 pmBBCUK2
2Corroboration10/24/1962 8:00 pmBBCUK2
2The Thin Girl10/31/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK
2Johnny Sailor11/07/1962UK5
2Person Unknown11/14/1962 8:10 pmBBCUK1
2Ambush11/21/1962 8:00 pmBBCUK2
2Known To The Police11/28/1962UK3
2The Navigators12/05/1962UK2
2Business Trip12/12/1962UK2
2Five Whistles12/19/1962UK2
2All Up By Seven01/02/1963UK
2Trumpet Voluntary01/09/1963UK1
2Five And A Match01/16/1963UK2
2The Hitch-Hiker01/23/1963UK3
2A Simple Case01/30/1963UK18
2Act Of Vengeance02/06/1963UK2
2The Listeners02/13/1963UK2
2The Main Chance02/20/1963UK
2Follow My Leader02/27/1963UK2
2Members Only03/06/1963UK2
2Matter Of Conviction03/13/1963UK1
2The Bad Lad03/20/1963 8:00 pmBBCUK19
2Pay By Results04/03/1963UK1
2The Peterman04/10/1963UK1
2The Birds Of The Air04/17/1963UK4
2Train Of Events04/24/1963UK4
2By The Book05/01/1963UK1
2Nothing Serious05/08/1963 7:30 pmBBCUK3
2Alarm Call05/15/1963 7:55 pmBBCUK1
2A Try By Weir05/22/1963UK3
2Quiet Confidence05/29/1963 7:55 pmBBCUK1
2Caught By The Ears06/12/1963UK3
2Come On The Lads06/19/1963 7:30 pmBBCUK2
2The Whizzers06/26/1963UK24
2Police Work07/03/1963UK2
3Lucky Accident09/04/1963UK1
3Made For Each Other09/11/1963 7:55 pmBBCUK179
3A La Carte09/18/1963UK14
3Light The Blue Paper09/26/1963UK3
3A Quiet Night10/02/1963UK19
3Hit And Run10/09/1963UK
3Hide - And Go Seek10/16/1963 8:10 pmBBCUK2221
3The Kiter10/23/1963UK5
3Special Duty10/30/1963UK4
3Remembrance Of A Guest11/06/1963 8:10 pmBBCUK17
3Daylight Robbery11/13/1963 8:10 pmBBCUK20
3Running Milligan11/20/1963 9:50 pmBBCUK18
3Choose Your Partners11/27/1963 8:10 pmBBCUK21
3Tuesday Afternoon12/04/1963 8:10 pmBBCUK15
3Supper In The Morning12/11/1963 8:10 pmBBCUK15
3Wait For It12/18/1963 8:10 pmBBCUK19
3It Never Rains ...12/25/1963 7:15 pmBBCUK24
3.. And A Happy New Year01/01/1964 8:00 pmBBCUK20
3Happy-Go-Lucky01/08/1964 8:00 pmBBCUK17
3Promise Made01/15/1964 8:00 pmBBCUK16
3I Mean..Where Does It Stop?01/22/1964 8:00 pmBBCUK14
3A Stroll Along The Sands01/29/1964UK3
3No Malice02/05/1964UK2
3Profit By Their Example02/12/1964UK2
3A Question Of Storage02/19/1964UK7
3Fun And Games02/26/1964UK1
3A Man...Like Yourself03/04/1964UK4
3A Straight Deal03/11/1964 8:00 pmBBCUK15
3Happy Families03/18/1964 8:00 pmBBCUK1710
3Inside Job03/25/1964UK1
3Clues Are What You Think04/01/1964UK2
3The Whole Truth ...04/08/1964UK
3Whistle, And Come Home04/22/1964UK5
3First-Class Citizen04/29/1964UK1
3Seconds Away05/06/1964UK3
3Centre Of Disturbance05/13/1964UK1
3You Get All Kinds05/20/1964UK2
3Happy Birthday05/27/1964UK3
3Somebody ... Help06/03/1964UK
3Cage Until Tame06/10/1964UK3
3Family Reunion06/17/1964UK2
4A Place Of Safety06/24/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK1515
4The Dark Side Of The Road09/09/1964UK
4What A Main Event !09/16/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK3
4Finders Keepers09/23/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK15
4Lucky Partners09/30/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK4
4Soft Spot10/07/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK1
4Somebody Said ...10/14/1964 9:30 pmBBC1UK3
4Charity Begins ...10/21/1964 9:25 pmBBC1UK2
4The Hunch10/28/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK15
4Two In The Bush11/04/1964UK2
4Welcome Home, Jigger11/11/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK3
4In A Day's Work11/18/1964UK3
4No Stone Unturned11/25/1964UK
4You Pays Your Money12/02/1964UK1
4One Day In Spring Street12/09/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK3
4Bring Back The Cat12/16/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK4
4If He Runs - Grab Him12/23/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK
4First Foot12/30/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK
4Think On01/06/1965UK
4The Luck Of The Game01/13/1965UK
4I Love You Bonzo01/20/1965 8:00 pmBBC1UK
4Brotherly Love01/27/1965 8:00 pmBBC1UK1513
4A Matter Of Give And Take02/03/1965 8:00 pmBBC1UK1
4Give A Dog A Name02/10/1965 8:00 pmBBC1UK1
4The Long Spoon02/17/1965 8:00 pmBBC1UK
4Teething Trouble02/24/1965 8:00 pmBBC1UK
4A Shame To Take The Money03/03/1965UK
4Window Dressing03/10/1965UK
4The Fanatics03/24/1965UK14
4You Got To Have Class03/31/1965UK
4The Mice Will Play04/07/1965UK
4Sound An Alarm04/14/1965UK
4The Soft Game04/21/1965UK
4Snakes Alive04/28/1965UK15
4Suspected Murder05/05/1965 8:00 pmBBC1UK23
4The Share-Out05/12/1965UK
4Another Fairy Tale05/26/1965UK
4Market Square06/02/1965UK
4Error Of Judgement06/09/1965UK18
4Under Cover06/16/1965UK
4One Good Turn06/23/1965UK15
4Warning Shots06/30/1965UK
5With A Pin10/05/1965UK
Wilful Destruction10/12/1965UK
Cop And Blow10/19/1965 8:00 pmBBC1UK21
The Hard-Face Grabber10/26/1965 8:00 pmBBC1UK
Inspection11/02/1965 8:00 pmBBC1UK9
Routine Inquiries11/09/1965UK
A Morning's Sport11/16/1965UK
Contrary To Regulations11/23/1965UK
The Good Life11/30/1965UK
But The Crying ...12/14/1965UK
That's The Way It Is12/21/1965UK
I Don't Want Evidence : 103/06/1967UK1
I Don't Want Evidence : 203/07/1967UK18
Ever Seen A Happy Cop : 103/13/1967 7:05 pmBBC1UK16
Ever Seen A Happy Cop : 203/14/1967UK16
You Want 'Em - You Find 'Em : 103/20/1967 7:05 pmBBC1UK14
You Want 'Em - You Find 'Em : 203/21/1967UK8
The Great Fur Robbery : 103/27/1967 7:05 pmBBC1UK20
The Great Fur Robbery : 203/28/1967UK20
Gelignite : 104/03/1967 7:05 pmBBC1UK17
Gelignite : 204/04/1967UK17
All They Have To Do Is Spend It04/10/1967UK20
All They Have To Do Is Spend It04/11/1967UK20
Who Said Anything About The Law04/17/1967 7:05 pmBBC1UK19
Who Said Anything About The Law04/18/1967UK19
Standard Procedure04/24/1967UK13
Standard Procedure04/25/1967 7:05 pmBBC1UK13
The Nesbitts Are Back05/01/1967UK15
The Nesbitts Are Back05/02/1967UK15
Finch And Sons : 105/08/1967UK16
Finch And Sons : 205/09/1967UK16
When Did You Last See Your Father?05/15/1967UK23
When Did You Last See Your Father?05/16/1967UK22
When Did You Last See Your Father?05/22/1967UK22
When Did You Last See Your Father?05/23/1967UK23
She's Not Yours, She's Mine06/05/1967UK10
She's Not Yours, She's Mine06/06/1967UK10
The Placer06/12/1967UK17
The Placer06/13/1967UK17
Don't Wrap It Up, I'll Take It With Me06/19/1967UK17
Don't Wrap It Up, I'll Take It With Me06/20/1967UK17
I Never Mean't To Drop Him06/26/1967UK17
I Never Mean't To Drop Him06/27/1967UK17
Never Give A Copper An Even Break07/03/1967UK11
Never Give A Copper An Even Break07/04/1967UK
It Was Doing Nothing : 107/10/1967UK11
It Was Doing Nothing : 207/11/1967UK11
The Sledgehammer And The Nut : 107/17/1967UK
The Sledgehammer And The Nut : 207/18/1967UK15
All Through The Night : 107/24/1967UK22
All Through The Night : 207/25/1967 7:05 pmBBC1UK1
Prejudice : 107/31/1967UK15
Prejudice : 208/01/1967UK1
Boy : 108/07/1967UK
Boy : 208/08/1967UK
Play It Hot, Play It Cool : 108/14/1967UK
Play It Hot, Play It Cool : 208/15/1967UK
The Great Art Robbery : 108/21/1967UK1
The Great Art Robbery : 208/22/1967UK1
First On The Scene : 108/28/1967 7:00 pmBBC1UK12
First On The Scene : 208/29/1967 7:05 pmBBC1UK
It's Easy Once You Know How : 109/04/1967UK
It's Easy Once You Know How : 209/05/1967UK
If I Can't Have Him : 109/11/1967UK1
If I Can't Have Him : 209/12/1967UK1
A Litte Bit Of Respect : 109/18/1967 7:05 pmBBC1UK1
A Litte Bit Of Respect : 209/19/1967UK1
Calling The Tune : 109/25/1967UK2
Calling The Tune : 209/26/1967UK2
Sauce For The Goose : 110/02/1967UK
Sauce For The Goose : 210/03/1967UK
The Nose On Your Face : 110/09/1967UK1
The Nose On Your Face : 210/10/1967UK1
A Handful Of Dust : 110/16/1967UK1
A Handful Of Dust : 210/17/1967UK1
All In A Day's Work : 110/23/1967UK
All In A Day's Work : 210/24/1967UK11
Invasion Of Privacy : 110/30/1967UK1
Invasion Of Privacy : 210/31/1967UK1
Granny The Swings : 111/06/1967UK
Granny The Swings : 211/07/1967UK
Saturday Night Was Murder : 111/13/1967UK
Saturday Night Was Murder : 211/14/1967UK
They're Not Supposed To Do That - Are They?11/20/1967UK
They're Not Supposed To Do That - Are They?11/21/1967UK
The Victim : 111/27/1967UK1
The Victim : 211/28/1967UK1
Too Quiet For Sunday : 112/04/1967 7:05 pmBBC1UK12
Too Quiet For Sunday : 212/05/1967UK9
A Right To Live : 112/11/1967UK17
A Right To Live : 212/12/1967UK
The Collector : 112/18/1967UK
The Collector : 212/19/1967UK
Family Affair : 112/25/196712:30 pmBBC1UK
Family Affair : 212/26/1967UK
Should Auld Acquaintance : 101/01/1968UK
Should Auld Acquaintance : 201/02/1968 7:05 pmBBC OneUK
You Can't Win Em All : 101/08/1968UK
You Can't Win Em All : 201/09/1968UK13
Take It With A Pinch Of Salt : 101/15/1968UK
Take It With A Pinch Of Salt : 201/16/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK10
Nothing To Report : 101/22/1968UK
Nothing To Report : 201/23/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK8
Inside Information : 101/29/1968UK1
Inside Information : 201/30/1968UK8
Honour Among Thieves : 102/05/1968UK1
Honour Among Thieves : 202/06/1968UK15
Aren't Policemen Wonderful : 102/12/1968UK
Aren't Policemen Wonderful : 202/13/1968UK
Out Of The Frying Pan : 102/19/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK11
Out Of The Frying Pan : 202/20/1968UK14
What D'Yer Mean - Charity? : 102/26/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK22
What D'Yer Mean - Charity? : 202/27/1968UK22
Person To Person : 103/04/1968UK
Person To Person : 203/05/1968UK
A Hobby You Might Say : 103/11/1968UK1
A Hobby You Might Say : 203/12/1968UK
Hudson's Way : 103/18/1968UK3
Hudson's Way : 203/19/1968UK3
Blind Alley : 103/25/1968UK
Blind Alley : 203/26/1968UK
The Saint Of Concrete Canyon : 104/01/1968UK2
The Saint Of Concrete Canyon : 204/02/1968UK2
Criminal Type : 104/08/1968UK
Criminal Type : 204/09/1968UK
The Man Who Was Inspector Todd : 104/15/1968UK
The Man Who Was Inspector Todd : 204/16/1968UK
Some Girls Pick 'Em : 104/22/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK1
Some Girls Pick 'Em : 204/23/1968UK1
The Battleground : 104/29/1968UK1
The Battleground : 204/30/1968UK1
The Witness : 105/06/1968UK
The Witness : 205/07/1968UK
The Guilty Ones : 105/13/1968UK
The Guilty Ones : 205/14/1968UK
At Least You Know You've Tried : 105/20/1968UK
At Least You Know You've Tried : 205/21/1968UK
Two's A Pair : 105/27/1968UK
Two's A Pair : 205/28/1968UK
Tomorrow's Another Day : 106/03/1968UK
Tomorrow's Another Day : 206/04/1968UK
Who Was That Lady ? : 106/10/1968UK1
Who Was That Lady ? : 206/11/1968UK1
Talk Your Way Out Of That : 106/17/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK12
6Talk Your Way Out Of That : 206/18/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK11
Application : 107/08/1968UK
Application : 207/09/1968UK
The Luck Of The Irish : 107/15/1968UK
The Luck Of The Irish : 207/16/1968UK
A Kind Of Proof : 107/22/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK1
A Kind Of Proof : 207/23/1968UK
A Matter For Thought : 107/29/1968UK
A Matter For Thought : 207/30/1968UK
Some Kind Of Nut : 108/05/1968UK11
Some Kind Of Nut : 208/06/1968UK
He Must Be Up To No Good : 108/12/1968UK1
He Must Be Up To No Good : 208/13/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK14
It's A Sort Of Game : 108/19/1968UK
It's A Sort Of Game : 208/20/1968UK
Anyone Can Make A Mistake : 108/26/1968UK
Anyone Can Make A Mistake : 208/27/1968UK
Attack : 109/02/1968 6:40 pmBBC1UK
Attack : 209/03/1968UK
You Worry Too Much, Charlie : 109/09/1968UK
You Worry Too Much, Charlie : 209/10/1968UK
Punch-Up : 109/16/1968UK1
Punch-Up : 209/17/1968UK1
More Ways Of Killing The Cat : 109/23/1968UK
More Ways Of Killing The Cat : 209/24/1968UK13
No Charge For The Estimate : 109/30/1968UK1
No Charge For The Estimate : 210/01/1968UK1
The Paperchase : 110/07/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK
The Paperchase : 210/08/1968UK
The Vigilance : 110/14/1968UK18
The Vigilance : 210/15/1968UK18
The Tip-Off : 110/21/1968UK
The Tip-Off : 210/22/1968UK
Prevention Is Better : 110/28/1968UK
Prevention Is Better : 210/29/1968UK
Special Relationship : 111/04/1968UK
Special Relationship : 211/05/1968UK
A Proper George Washington : 111/11/1968UK
A Proper George Washington : 211/12/1968UK
I Know My Coppers : 111/18/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK
I Know My Coppers : 211/19/1968UK
Follow The Form : 111/25/1968UK1
Follow The Form : 211/26/1968UK1
Breakdown :112/02/1968UK1
Breakdown :112/03/1968UK1
Will He.. Won't He? :112/09/1968UK
Will He.. Won't He? :212/10/1968 7:00 pmBBC1UK
Dead End : 112/16/1968UK
Dead End : 212/17/1968UK
Blame It On Father Christmas : 112/23/1968UK1
Blame It On Father Christmas : 212/24/1968 7:00 pmBBC1UK1
For Auld Lang Syne : 112/30/1968UK13
For Auld Lang Syne : 212/31/1968 7:05 pmBBC1UK12
Unidentified Marks : 101/06/1969UK
Unidentified Marks : 201/07/1969UK
Picture Of Guilt : 101/13/1969UK
Picture Of Guilt : 201/14/1969 7:00 pmBBC1UK
It Works Both Ways : 101/20/1969UK
It Works Both Ways : 201/21/1969UK
Alibi : 101/27/1969 7:05 pmBBC1UK2
Alibi : 201/28/1969UK
Lost Property : 102/03/1969UK1
Lost Property : 202/04/1969UK1
Fear Or Favour : 102/10/1969 7:05 pmBBC1UK14
Fear Or Favour : 202/11/1969UK15
The Lonely Place : 102/17/1969UK1
The Lonely Place : 202/18/1969UK12
Foggy Night : 102/24/1969UK3
Foggy Night : 202/25/1969UK
The Soft Touch : 103/03/1969UK1
The Soft Touch : 203/04/1969UK
Special Duty : 103/10/1969UK
Special Duty : 203/11/1969UK
One End of The Road : 103/17/1969 7:05 pmBBC1UK
One End Of The Road : 203/18/1969 7:00 pmBBC1UK
Welcome To Newtown : 103/24/1969UK
Welcome To Newtown : 203/25/1969UK
All The Birds Of The Air : 103/31/1969UK
All The Birds Of The Air : 204/01/1969UK
Carbon Copy : 104/07/1969 7:05 pmBBC1UK10
Carbon Copy : 204/08/1969UK10
Not A Bad Lad Really : 104/14/1969 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Not A Bad Lad Really : 204/15/1969UK13
Snout : 104/21/1969UK
Snout : 204/22/1969UK
The Exiles : 104/28/1969UK
The Exiles : 204/29/1969UK
It's Not Against The Law : 105/05/1969 7:05 pmBBC1UK1
It's Not Against The Law : 205/06/1969UK1
Hit And Run : 105/12/1969 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Hit And Run : 205/13/1969UK
One Of Our Own : 105/19/1969UK
One Of Our Own : 205/20/1969UK
No Objection To Bail : 105/26/1969UK
No Objection To Bail : 205/27/1969UK
Sunday...Sunday... : 106/02/1969UK1
Sunday...Sunday... : 206/03/1969UK
Double Game : 106/09/1969UK
Double Game : 206/10/1969UK
Spare The Rod : 106/16/1969UK
Spare The Rod : 206/17/1969 7:00 pmBBC1UK
You've Got To Keep Them Talking : 107/07/1969UK
You've Got To Keep Them Talking : 207/08/1969UK
In Need Of Care : 107/14/1969UK
In Need Of Care : 207/15/1969 7:05 pmBBC1UK
From Information Received : 107/21/1969 7:05 pmBBC1UK
From Information Received : 207/22/1969UK
Have A Go, Joe : 107/28/1969UK
Have A Go, Joe : 207/29/1969UK
According To Plan : 108/04/1969UK1
According To Plan : 208/05/1969 7:05 pmBBC1UK1
The Shooter : 108/11/1969 7:05 pmBBC1UK
The Shooter : 208/12/1969UK
Dear Old Golden Rule Days : 108/18/1969UK
Dear Old Golden Rule Days : 208/19/1969UK
Allegation : 108/25/1969UK
Allegation : 208/26/1969UK
You Can't Trust Anyone : 109/01/1969UK
You Can't Trust Anyone : 209/02/1969UK
The Dog Lover : 109/08/1969UK1
The Dog Lover : 209/09/1969UK1
It's Been A Long Time : 109/15/1969UK
It's Been A Long Time : 209/16/1969UK
No Time To Think : 109/22/1969 6:45 pmBBC1UK
No Time To Think : 209/23/1969UK
Not That Sort Of Policeman : 109/29/1969UK
Not That Sort Of Policeman : 209/30/1969UK
A Place Of Safety : 110/06/1969UK9
A Place Of Safety : 210/07/1969UK
Lost And Found : 110/13/1969UK16
Lost And Found : 210/14/1969UK1
Gyppo : 110/20/1969UK
Gyppo : 210/21/1969UK
Give A Dog A Bad Name : 110/28/1969UK
Give A Dog A Bad Name : 210/29/1969UK
Nobody Loves Us : 111/03/1969UK
Nobody Loves Us : 211/04/1969UK
A Right Cock-n-Bull Story : 111/10/1969 6:45 pmBBC1UK2
A Right Cock-n-Bull Story : 211/11/1969UK19
Two For The Record : 111/17/1969 6:45 pmBBC1UK
Two For The Record : 211/18/1969UK
Quiet Day : 111/24/1969 6:45 pmBBC1UK1
Quiet Day : 211/25/1969UK
None The Worse : 112/01/1969UK
None The Worse : 212/02/1969UK
None The Worse : 312/08/1969UK
None The Worse : 412/09/1969UK
Barricade : 112/15/1969UK
Barricade : 212/16/1969UK
The Best Day Of The Year : 112/22/1969UK
The Best Day Of The Year : 212/23/1969UK
Score To Settle : 112/29/1969UK
Score To Settle : 212/30/1969UK
Tune On A Bent Trumpet : 101/05/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK2
Tune On A Bent Trumpet : 201/06/1970UK2
They Call It Justice : 101/12/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK
They Call It Justice : 201/13/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK17
No Questions Asked : 101/19/1970UK
No Questions Asked : 201/20/1970UK
Threats And Menaces : 101/26/1970UK
Threats And Menaces : 201/27/1970UK
Lost : 102/02/1970UK
Lost : 202/03/1970UK
Infamous Conduct : 102/09/1970UK1
Infamous Conduct : 202/10/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK1
All Coppers Are Nanas : 102/16/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK
All Coppers Are Nanas : 202/17/1970UK
Nice Bit O' Stuff : 102/23/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK1
Nice Bit O' Stuff : 202/24/1970UK1
For Old Time's Sake : 103/02/1970UK
For Old Time's Sake : 203/03/1970UK
A Day Like Every Day : 103/09/1970UK
A Day Like Every Day : 203/10/1970UK
Eleanor Rigby Slept Here : 103/16/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK1
Eleanor Rigby Slept Here : 203/17/1970UK1
A Right Tommy Kelly Do : 103/23/1970UK
A Right Tommy Kelly Do : 203/24/1970UK
Cruising For Burglars : 104/06/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK
Cruising For Burglars : 204/07/1970UK
In And Out : 104/13/1970UK
In And Out : 204/14/1970UK
In And Out : 304/20/1970UK
In And Out : 404/21/1970UK
It's Only A Game : 104/27/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK
It's Only A Game : 204/28/1970UK
A Quiet Sort Of Lad : 105/04/1970UK
A Quiet Sort Of Lad : 205/05/1970UK
Night Out : 105/11/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK
Night Out : 205/12/1970UK
One Bad Apple : 105/18/1970UK
One Bad Apple : 205/19/1970UK
If You Can't Beat 'Em : 105/25/1970 7:05 pmBBC1UK
If You Can't Beat 'Em : 205/26/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK
Couldn't Happer To A Nicer Girl : 106/01/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK
Couldn't Happen To A Nicer Girl : 206/02/1970UK
A Couple Of Comic Turns : 107/06/1970UK
A Couple Of Comic Turns : 207/07/1970UK
By Bread Alone : 107/13/1970UK1
By Bread Alone : 207/14/1970UK1
The Helpers : 107/20/1970UK1
The Helpers : 207/21/1970UK1
Missile Mile : 107/27/1970UK
Missile Mile : 207/28/1970UK
I wouldn't give you tuppence... : 108/03/1970UK
I wouldn't give you tuppence... : 208/04/1970UK
Weekend With Sally : 108/10/1970UK
Weekend With Sally : 208/11/1970UK
Bottoms Up For The Walking Dead : 108/17/1970 6:45 pmBBC1UK
Bottoms Up For The Walking Dead : 208/18/1970UK
Give And Take : 108/24/1970UK
Give And Take : 208/25/1970UK
To Ray - Love Anne : 108/28/1970UK
To Ray - Love Anne : 208/29/1970UK
Who's Sylvia Then : 109/07/1970UK
Who's Sylvia Then : 209/08/1970UK
A Lot Of Fuss For 15 Quid : 109/14/1970UK
A Lot Of Fuss For 15 Quid : 209/15/1970UK
The Other Arm Of The Law : 109/21/1970UK1
The Other Arm Of The Law : 209/22/1970UK1
A Big Shadow : 110/05/1970UK
A Big Shadow : 210/06/1970UK
The Senior Partner : 110/12/1970UK
The Senior Partner : 210/13/1970UK
Talking To An Elephant : 110/19/1970UK1
Talking To An Elephant : 210/20/1970UK1
Off With The Motley : 110/26/1970UK
Off With The Motley : 210/27/1970UK
Whatever Happened To The Glory Boy ? : 111/02/1970UK1
Whatever Happened To The Glory Boy ? : 211/03/1970UK1
Have You Seen Davie Richards : 111/09/1970UK
Have You Seen Davie Richards : 211/10/1970UK
A Very High Rocket : 111/16/1970UK1
A Very High Rocket : 211/17/1970UK
A Little Woman : 111/23/1970UK1
A Little Woman : 211/24/1970UK
Stop Over : 111/30/1970UK
Stop Over : 212/01/1970UK
Strictly Cash : 112/07/1970 7:05 pmBBC1UK2
Strictly Cash : 212/08/1970UK1
Playing For Keeps : 112/14/1970 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Playing For Keeps : 212/15/1970UK
Christmas Is Coming : 112/21/1970UK
Christmas Is Coming : 212/22/1970 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Let Nothing You Dismay12/29/1970UK
Prevention : 101/04/1971UK2
Prevention : 201/05/1971UK2
Right Of Way : 101/11/1971UK
Right Of Way : 201/12/1971UK
Nobody Wins, Nobody Loses : 101/18/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK14
Nobody Wins, Nobody Loses : 201/19/1971UK1
By-Pass : 101/25/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
By-Pass : 201/26/1971UK
Love's A Dead Lumber : 102/01/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Love's A Dead Lumber : 202/02/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
The More We Are Together : 102/08/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
The More We Are Together : 202/09/1971UK
Make Yourself At Home : 102/15/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK1
Make Yourself At Home : 202/16/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK9
Triangle Squared : 102/22/1971UK1
Triangle Squared : 202/23/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Hold Up : 103/01/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Hold Up : 203/02/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
The Snoozer : 103/08/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
The Snoozer : 203/09/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Little Girl Lost : 103/15/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK18
Little Girl Lost : 203/16/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK1
Influence : 103/22/1971UK
Influence : 203/23/1971 7:00 pmBBC1UK
Kid's Stuff03/30/1971 7:10 pmBBC1UK14
It Can Get To Be A Habit : 104/05/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
It Can Get To Be A Habit : 204/06/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Bad Tuesday04/13/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK7
Say Two Hellos04/29/1971UK
The Taker05/06/1971UK
The Find05/13/1971UK
Penny Wise06/03/1971 8:10 pmBBC1UK15
No Job For A Woman06/10/1971 8:10 pmBBC1UK
The Stone Standard : 108/02/1971UK11
The Stone Standard : 208/03/1971UK
The Mystery : 108/09/1971UK
The Mystery : 208/10/1971UK
Nobody Hit Me : 108/16/1971UK
Nobody Hit Me : 208/17/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Dan Dan ... : 108/23/1971UK
Dan Dan ... : 208/24/1971UK
Funny Fellah08/31/1971UK1
Who's Your Friend ... ? : 109/06/1971UK
Who's Your Friend ... ? : 209/07/1971UK
Purely Medical Purposes : 109/13/1971UK
Purely Medical Purposes : 209/14/1971UK
Grandstand Finish : 109/20/1971UK1
Grandstand Finish : 209/21/1971UK1
Funny Creatures Women : 109/27/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK13
Funny Creatures Women : 209/28/1971UK14
The Dirty Job : 110/04/1971UK11
The Dirty Job : 210/05/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK14
Ding Dong : 110/11/1971UK
Ding Dong : 210/12/1971UK
Intrusion : 110/18/1971UK1
Intrusion : 210/19/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK1
Not Often We Have Visitors : 110/25/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Not Often We Have Visitors : 210/26/1971UK
Contact Man : 111/01/1971UK
Contact Man : 211/02/1971UK15
Take Away : 111/08/1971UK
Take Away : 211/09/1971UK
Who Were You With ? : 111/15/1971UK2
Who Were You With ? : 211/16/1971UK2
Danny Boy's Home : 111/22/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Danny Boy's Home : 211/23/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
Rules Of The Game : 111/29/1971UK
Rules Of The Game : 211/30/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK
The Wrong Odds : 112/06/1971UK1
The Wrong Odds : 212/07/1971 7:05 pmBBC1UK1
The Horse Dealer : 112/13/1971UK
The Horse Dealer : 212/14/1971UK
Collation : 112/20/1971UK
Collation : 212/21/1971UK
Last Bus To Newtown01/03/1972 7:10 pmBBC1UK17
Team Work01/17/1972UK12
The Attackers01/24/1972 7:10 pmBBC1UK13
Retirement01/31/1972 7:10 pmBBC1UK
Week Off02/28/1972UK
Missing03/06/1972 7:15 pmBBC1UK11
Quilley04/10/1972 7:10 pmBBC1UK14
Tessa In The Woodpile04/17/1972UK1
Keep To Yourself04/24/1972UK
Operation Ascalon05/08/1972UK
Short Cut05/15/1972UK
Sweet Girl06/05/1972UK14
The Wolf And The Sheep : 107/10/1972UK5
The Wolf And The Sheep : 207/11/1972UK9
Forget It : 107/17/1972UK11
Forget It : 207/18/1972UK2
A Neighbour's Goods : 107/24/1972UK
A Neighbour's Goods : 207/25/1972UK10
Loyalties : 107/31/1972UK12
Loyalties : 208/01/1972UK
Relative Values : 108/07/1972UK11
Relative Values : 208/08/1972UK
Not Good Enough : 108/14/1972UK7
Not Good Enough : 208/15/1972UK
Breakage : 108/21/1972UK10
Breakage : 208/22/1972UK1
The Team09/18/1972UK15
Witness09/25/1972 7:10 pmBBC1UK12
Takes All Sorts10/02/1972UK11
Sins Of The Father10/09/1972UK13
Damage10/16/1972 7:10 pmBBC1UK13
Day Trip10/23/1972UK5
Public Relations10/30/1972UK11
Old Soldiers11/06/1972UK14
Diabolical Liberty11/13/1972UK14
Old Acquaintance11/20/1972 7:15 pmBBC1UK11
The Legacy11/27/1972UK15
The Amateurs12/04/1972UK14
Old Lag12/18/1972UK
Skin Game01/11/1973UK
Big Jake01/25/1973 7:15 pmBBC1UK1
Women At Work02/01/1973UK1
Jack The Dodger02/08/1973UK
Operation Watchdog03/01/1973UK1
Hard Man03/22/1973UK
The Lady And The Gentleman04/19/1973UK1
The Spike05/21/1973UK
Mother And Child06/11/1973 7:15 pmBBC1UK
Co-Operation06/18/1973 7:15 pmBBC1UK
No Proceedings06/25/1973 7:15 pmBBC1UK12
Officer Material ... ?07/02/1973 7:15 pmBBC1UK1
Inspector Lynch10/22/1973UK1
Break Up11/19/1973UK11
Stray Girl11/26/1973UK1
The Cinder Path12/10/1973UK1
Pressure Of Work12/17/1973UK1
Absence01/07/1974 7:10 pmBBC1UK1
In Police Hands01/21/1974UK1
Two Hundred Tartan Teddy Bears02/04/1974UK
Two Wise Monkeys03/04/1974UK1
Dinner Break03/11/1974UK
Mugs ?05/06/1974 7:20 pmBBC1UK
Certain Parties05/20/1974UK
Bits An' Bats09/09/1974UK
Old Bones09/16/1974UK
Night Train10/07/1974 7:20 pmBBC1UK10
Quiet As The Grave11/04/1974UK1
Have You Seen This Child11/18/1974UK
Unnecessary Force12/02/1974UK
The Bouncer12/09/1974UK
House To House12/16/1974 6:50 pmBBC1UK
Boy In Blue01/06/1975UK7
Local Knowledge01/13/1975UK10
Innocent And Vulnerable01/20/1975UK1
Tonight And Every Night02/03/1975UK
Thanks But ... No Thanks03/17/1975UK
Bit Of Business04/14/1975UK
Distance04/21/1975 6:50 pmBBC1UK
A New Broom05/12/1975UK1
Guns01/05/1976 7:20 pmBBC1UK14
The Frighteners01/26/1976UK111
Contact02/02/1976 7:20 pmBBC1UK1
Say Goodbye To The Horses02/16/1976UK2
A Preacher In Passing02/23/1976UK1
Scot Free03/29/1976UK1
The Man Who Killed Songbirds04/05/1977UK5
Rage04/12/1977 8:10 pmBBC1UK9
Guilt04/19/1977 8:10 pmBBC1UK3
Error Of Judgement05/03/1977UK20
Fall Of Wiskers Castle05/17/1977UK1
Rip Off05/24/1977UK
Juvenile07/05/1977 8:10 pmBBC1UK14
Heavenly Host07/05/1978UK
Quilley On The Spot07/19/1978UK1
A Woman's Place07/26/1978UK
Fast Freddie BA08/09/1978UK
First Offender08/16/1978UK1