Death Valley Days

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1How Death Valley Got Its Name10/01/1952USA
1The Little Bullfrog Nugget10/15/1952USA
1The Lost Pegleg Mine10/17/1952USA
1The Little Dressmaker of Bodie11/12/1952USA
1She Burns Green11/14/1952USA
1The Death Valley Kid12/10/1952USA
1Self-Made Man12/12/1952USA
1The Chivaree01/07/1953USA
1The Lady with the Blue Silk Umbrella01/09/1953USA
1The Rival Hash House02/03/1953USA
1Cynthy's Dream Dress03/03/1953USA
1The Bell of San Gabriel03/17/1953USA
1Claim Jumpin' Jennie03/31/1953USA
1The Bandits of Panamint04/07/1953USA
1Sego Lilies04/28/1953USA
1Land of the Free05/26/1953USA
2The Diamond Babe09/29/1953USA
2Little Washington10/01/1953USA
2Solomon in All His Glory10/27/1953USA
2Which Side of the Fence?10/29/1953USA
2Whirlwind Courtship11/21/1953USA
2Dear Teacher11/24/1953USA
2One in a Hundred12/23/1953USA
2Little Papeete01/02/1954USA
2Lotta Crabtree01/05/1954USA
2Jimmy Dayton's Treasure02/28/1954USA
2Husband Pro Tem03/27/1954USA
2The Kickapoo Run04/10/1954USA
2Sixth Sense05/08/1954USA
2The Rainbow Chaser05/15/1954USA
2Mr. Godiva06/17/1954USA
3The Saint's Portrait09/24/1954USA
3Eleven Thousand Miners Can't Be Wrong09/25/1954USA
3Halfway Girl10/22/1954USA
3Black Bark10/26/1954USA
3The Light on the Mountain11/12/1954USA
3To Big Charlie from Little Charlie12/06/1954USA
3Lola Montez01/04/1955USA
3The Big Team Rolls01/27/1955USA
3Death and Taxes02/03/1955USA
3Riggs and Riggs02/24/1955USA
3Million Dollar Wedding03/01/1955USA
3Love 'Em and Leave 'Em03/29/1955USA
3The Seventh Day04/21/1955USA
3The Mormon's Grindstone04/28/1955USA
3Death Valley Scotty04/29/1955USA
3The Crystal Gazer06/04/1955USA
3I Am Joaquin06/07/1955USA
4The Valencia Cake09/26/1955USA
4A Killing in Diamonds10/20/1955USA
4The Homeliest Man in Nevada10/24/1955USA
4Miracle of the Sea Gulls11/14/1955USA
4Wildcat's First Piano11/21/1955USA
4California's First Ice Man12/12/1955USA
4The Hangman Waits12/19/1955USA
4Gold Is Where You Find It01/09/1956USA
4The Man Who'd Bet on Anything01/16/1956USA
4The Baron of Arizona02/06/1956USA
4Nevada's Plymouth Rock02/13/1956USA
4The Hoodoo Mine03/02/1956USA
4Mr. Bigfoot03/12/1956USA
4Two Bits04/07/1956USA
4Bill Bottle's Birthday04/27/1956USA
4The Sinbuster05/04/1956USA
4Pay Dirt05/25/1956USA
4The Longest Beard in the World06/01/1956USA
4Emperor Norton, 1st06/15/1956USA
5Faro Bill's Layout09/14/1956USA
5The Bear Flag09/21/1956USA
5Pat Garrett's Side of It10/22/1956USA
5The Hidden Treasure of Cucamonga11/05/1956USA
5The Loggerheads11/17/1956USA
5The Rose of Rhyolite12/03/1956USA
5The Last Letter12/08/1956USA
5Year of Destiny12/31/1956USA
5Mercer Girl01/07/1957USA
5California's Paul Revere01/28/1957USA
5The Trial of Red Haskell02/25/1957USA
5The Washington Elm03/04/1957USA
5The Rosebush of Tombstone03/11/1957USA
5The Luck of the Irish03/25/1957USA
5Lady Engineer04/01/1957USA
5Train of Events04/22/1957USA
5The Man Who Was Never Licked04/29/1957USA
6California Gold Rush in Reverse09/30/1957USA
6Camel Train10/01/1957USA
6California's First Schoolmarm10/12/1957USA
6Arsenic Springs10/14/1957USA
6Fifty Years a Mystery10/30/1957USA
6Fifteen Paces to Fame11/07/1957USA
6The Calico Dog11/29/1957USA
6Rough and Ready12/07/1957USA
6The Last Bad Man12/09/1957USA
6The Greatest Scout of All01/02/1958USA
6Empire of Youth01/13/1958USA
6Wheel of Fortune01/23/1958USA
6Man on the Run01/30/1958USA
6Birth of a Boom01/31/1958USA
6Yankee Pirate02/13/1958USA
6Ten in Texas02/14/1958USA
6Auto Intoxication02/24/1958USA
6Two-Gun Nan02/27/1958USA
6Cockeyed Charlie Parkhurst03/13/1958USA
6The Great Amulet03/14/1958USA
6Episode #6.2103/21/1958USA
6The Mystery of Suicide Gulch03/28/1958USA
6The Big Rendezvous04/05/1958USA
6The Girl Who Walked with a Giant04/12/1958USA
6Jerkline Jitters06/06/1958USA
6The Telescope Eye06/13/1958USA
7Head of the House09/29/1958USA
7The Captive10/02/1958USA
7Ship of No Return10/09/1958USA
7The Moving Out of Minnie10/13/1958USA
7The Red Flannel Shirt10/27/1958USA
7Big Liz10/30/1958USA
7Thorn of the Rose11/10/1958USA
7The Jackass Mail11/12/1958USA
7Perilous Cargo11/24/1958USA
7The Gambler and the Lady11/27/1958USA
7Quon Lee11/28/1958USA
7Old Gabe12/08/1958USA
7The Gunsmith12/11/1958USA
7A Piano Goes West01/02/1959USA
7A Bullet for the Captain01/03/1959USA
7A Town Is Born01/16/1959USA
7Sailor on a Horse01/17/1959USA
7Gold Lake01/30/1959USA
7Wheelbarrow Johnny01/31/1959USA
7Stagecoach Spy02/13/1959USA
7Eruption at Volcano02/14/1959USA
7Price of a Passport02/27/1959USA
7Pioneer Circus02/28/1959USA
7The Invaders03/13/1959USA
7The Blonde King03/14/1959USA
7The Newspaper That Went to Jail03/27/1959USA
7Old Blue03/28/1959USA
7Perilous Refuge04/10/1959USA
7The Talking Wire04/11/1959USA
7RX: Slow Death04/24/1959USA
7Half a Loaf04/25/1959USA
7Valley of Danger05/08/1959USA
7Forty Steps to Glory05/09/1959USA
8Somewhere in the Vultures10/01/1959USA
8Gates After Morgan10/20/1959USA
8Sam Kee and Uncle Sam10/27/1959USA
8The Grand Duke11/03/1959USA
8Fair Exchange11/13/1959USA
8The Scalpel and the Gun11/17/1959USA
8Indian Family11/26/1959USA
8Tribal Justice12/10/1959USA
8Ten Feet of Nothing12/24/1959USA
8The Reluctant Gun12/26/1959USA
8His Brother's Keeper01/09/1960USA
8The Devil's Due01/21/1960USA
8Money to Burn01/22/1960USA
8Dogs of the Mist02/06/1960USA
8The Wedding Dress02/13/1960USA
8Shadows on the Window02/18/1960USA
8The Battle of Mokelumne Hill02/19/1960USA
8The Strangers03/03/1960USA
8Forbidden Wedding03/17/1960USA
8Man on the Road03/30/1960USA
8The Man Everyone Hated04/01/1960USA
8The General Who Disapproved04/08/1960USA
8The Million Dollar Pants04/13/1960USA
8Pirates of San Francisco04/14/1960USA
8A Woman's Rights05/01/1960USA
8Eagle in the Rocks05/10/1960USA
8Cap'n Pegleg05/12/1960USA
8Emma Is Coming05/24/1960USA
8Human Sacrifice06/02/1960USA
8Pete Kitchen's Wedding06/07/1960USA
8Mission to the Mountains06/09/1960USA
8The Great Lounsberry Scoop06/24/1960USA
9Pamela's Oxen09/24/1960USA
9Splinter Station09/25/1960USA
9Queen of the High-Graders10/02/1960USA
9Devil's Bar10/03/1960USA
9Learnin' at Dirty Devil10/24/1960USA
9The Gentle Sword11/07/1960USA
9Extra Guns11/20/1960USA
9The White Healer11/21/1960USA
9The Wind at Your Back12/05/1960USA
9A Girl Named Virginia12/18/1960USA
9City of Widows12/19/1960USA
9The Young Gun12/27/1960USA
9The Salt War01/15/1961USA
9The Madstone01/18/1961USA
9Deadline at Austin01/29/1961USA
9South of Horror Flats01/31/1961USA
9Gamble with Death02/10/1961USA
9White Gold02/15/1961USA
9Dead Men's Tale02/26/1961USA
9Who's for Divide?03/01/1961USA
9Dangerous Crossing03/12/1961USA
9Death Ride03/15/1961USA
9The Red Petticoat03/29/1961USA
9The Stolen City04/09/1961USA
9A General Without Cause04/12/1961USA
10Queen of Spades10/02/1961USA
10Alias James Stuart10/13/1961USA
10Storm Over Truckee10/23/1961USA
10Treasure of Elk Creek Canyon10/30/1961USA
10A Bullet for the D.A.11/13/1961USA
10The Watch12/04/1961USA
10Miracle at Boot Hill12/11/1961USA
10The Truth Teller01/01/1962USA
10Sponge Full of Vinegar01/15/1962USA
10Experiment in Fear01/25/1962USA
10Miracle at Whiskey Gulch01/26/1962USA
10Feud at Dome Rock01/29/1962USA
10Justice at Jackson Creek01/30/1962USA
10Preacher with a Past02/01/1962USA
10Abel Duncan's Dying Wish02/03/1962USA
10A Matter of Honor02/12/1962USA
10The Breaking Point03/01/1962USA
10Girl with a Gun03/08/1962USA
10Way Station03/09/1962USA
10The Unshakable Man05/06/1962USA
10Showdown at Kamaaina Flats05/15/1962USA
10La Tules05/21/1962USA
9The Lady Was an M.D.08/29/1962USA
11Hangtown Fry10/01/1962USA
11Fort Bowie: Urgent10/08/1962USA
11The Hat That Won the West10/23/1962USA
11The Last Shot10/25/1962USA
11To Walk with Greatness11/12/1962USA
11Grass Man11/13/1962USA
11Davy's Friend11/14/1962USA
11The Vintage Years12/19/1962USA
11The Private Mint of Clark, Gruber and Company12/28/1962USA
11Loss of Faith12/31/1962USA
11Pioneer Doctor01/02/1963USA
11Stubborn Mule Hill01/25/1963USA
11A Gun Is Not a Gentleman02/08/1963USA
11The Lion of Idaho02/18/1963USA
11The Debt02/20/1963USA
11The Train and Lucy Tutaine02/22/1963USA
11Grotto of Death03/08/1963USA
11Diamond Jim Brady04/04/1963USA
11Phantom Procession04/12/1963USA
11With Honesty and Integrity04/18/1963USA
11Coffin for a Coward04/21/1963USA
11Shadow of Violence04/24/1963USA
11The Melancholy Gun04/26/1963USA
12Thar She Blows09/30/1963USA
12Measure of a Man10/01/1963USA
12Deadly Decision10/08/1963USA
12The Holy Terror10/22/1963USA
12The Peacemaker10/29/1963USA
12Three Minutes to Eternity12/11/1963USA
12The Red Ghost of Eagle Creek12/29/1963USA
12Graydon's Charge01/05/1964USA
12Little Cayuse01/07/1964USA
12Sixty-Seven Miles of Gold01/14/1964SyndicatedUSA4
12The Paper Dynasty03/01/1964USA
12Hastings Cut-off03/03/1964USA1
12The Bigger They Are03/10/1964USA
12The Last Stagecoach Robbery03/17/1964USA
12A Book of Spanish Grammar04/21/1964USA
12After the OK Corral04/28/1964USA
12The Streets of El Paso05/05/1964USA
14Temporary Warden09/30/1965USA
14Captain Dick Mine10/01/1965USA
14The Lawless Have Laws10/01/1965USA
14The Great Turkey War10/07/1965USA
14The Rider10/07/1965USA
14Traveling Trees10/07/1965USA
14No Place for a Lady10/21/1965USA
14A City Is Born10/22/1965USA
14The Book10/28/1965USA
14Mrs. Romney and the Outlaws12/23/1965USA
14Dry Water Sailors12/23/1965USA
14Devil's Gate12/23/1965USA
14The Red Shawl12/30/1965USA
14A Picture of a Lady12/30/1965USA
14Canary Harris vs. the Almighty12/30/1965USA
14The Fastest Nun in the West01/20/1966USA
14The Fight San Francisco Never Forgot03/17/1966USA
14The Courtship of Carrie Huntington03/17/1966USA
14Water Bringer03/17/1966USA
14Crullers at Sundown!03/22/1966USA
14Hugh Glass Meets the Bear03/24/1966USA
14The Firebrand03/24/1966USA
14The Hat That Huldah Wore04/07/1966USA11
14The Four Dollar Law Suit04/14/1966USA
14An Organ for Brother Brigham04/28/1966USA
14Lady of the Plains05/05/1966USA
18The Taming of Trudy Bell10/02/1969USA
18Tracy's Triumph10/04/1969USA
18Old Stape10/04/1969USA
18The Tenderfoot10/09/1969USA
18Biscuits and Billy, the Kid10/10/1969USA
18Son of Thunder10/26/1969USA
18The Lady Doctor10/27/1969USA
18The Great Pinto Bean Gold Hunt11/16/1969USA
18The Visitor11/17/1969USA
18The King of the Uvalde Road01/01/1970USA
18The Mezcla Man01/02/1970USA
18Pioneer Pluck01/03/1970USA
18Simple Question of Justice01/12/1970USA
18The Wizard of Aberdeen01/17/1970USA
18The Dragon of Gold Hill01/24/1970USA
18The Biggest Little Post Office in the World01/24/1970USA
18A Saint of Travelers02/14/1970USA
18Talk to Me, Charley02/15/1970USA
18Amos and the Black Bull02/28/1970USA
18The Man Who Planted Gold in California03/16/1970USA5
18The Solid Gold Pie04/01/1970USA
18A Gift from Father Tapis04/07/1970USA
18Clum's Constabulary04/09/1970USA
18The Contract04/18/1970USA
18The Duke of Tombstone04/21/1970USA
18Early Candle Lighten04/24/1970USA