Steptoe and Son

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
0Comedy Playhouse - The Offer01/05/1962 8:45 pmBBCUK32
1The Bird06/14/1962 8:45 pmBBCUK43
1The Piano06/21/1962 8:45 pmBBCUK54
1The Economist06/28/1962 8:45 pmBBCUK43
1The Diploma07/05/1962 8:45 pmBBCUK32
1The Holiday07/12/1962 8:45 pmBBCUK54
2Wallah, Wallah Catsmeat01/03/1963UK8
2The Bath01/10/1963UK4
2The Stepmother01/17/1963UK3
2Sixty Five Today01/24/1963UK9
2A Musical Evening01/31/1963UK2
2Full House02/07/1963UK
2Is That Your Horse Outside?02/14/1963UK5
3Homes Fit for Heroes01/07/1964 8:00 pmBBCUK
3The Wooden Overcoats01/14/1964 8:00 pmBBCUK2
3The Lead Man Cometh01/21/1964 8:00 pmBBCUK4
3Steptoe A La Cart01/28/1964UK
3Sunday For Seven Days02/04/1964UK125
3The Bond That Binds Us02/11/1964UK3
3The Lodger02/18/1964UK
4And Afterwards At . .10/04/1965 7:30 pmBBC1UK19
4Crossed Swords10/11/1965 7:30 pmBBC1UK11
4Those Magnificent Men And Their Heating Machines10/18/1965UK
4The Siege Of Steptoe Street10/25/1965UK
4A Box In Town11/01/1965UK
4My Old Man's A Tory11/08/1965UK
4Pilgrims Progress11/15/1965UK
5A Death In The Family03/06/1970UK2
5A Winter's Tale03/13/1970UK
5Any Old Iron03/20/1970UK
5Steptoe and Son - and Son!03/27/1970UK
5The Colour Problem04/03/1970UK
5T.B. or Not T.B.?04/10/1970UK
5Men Of Property04/17/1970 7:55 pmBBC1UK14
6Robbery With Violence11/02/1970UK
6Come Dancing11/09/1970UK
6Two's Company11/16/1970UK
6Tea For Two11/23/1970UK
6Without Prejudice11/30/1970UK
6Pot Black12/07/1970 9:20 pmBBC1UK
6The Three Feathers12/14/1970 9:20 pmBBC1UK4
6Cuckoo In The Nest12/21/1970UK
7Men of Letters02/21/1972UK1
7A Star Is Born02/28/1972UK62
7Oh What A Beautiful Mourning03/06/1972 9:20 pmBBC1UK131
7Live Now P.A.Y.E. Later03/13/1972UK51
7Loathe Story03/20/1972UK
7Divided We Stand03/27/1972UK
7The Desperate Hours04/03/1972UK11
7Christmas Special - The Party12/24/1973 9:30 pmBBC1UK11
8Back In Fashion09/04/1974UK9
8And So To Bed09/11/1974UK
8Porn Yesterday09/18/1974 9:25 pmBBC1UK1
8The Seven Steptoerai09/25/1974UK
8Upstairs, Downstairs, Upstairs, Downstairs10/03/1974 9:35 pmBBC1UK
8Seance In A Wet Rag And Bone Yard10/10/1974UK
8Christmas Special - The Holiday12/26/1974UK
8A Perfect Christmas12/26/1974