Ben 10

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1And Then There Were 1012/27/200588
1Washington B.C.01/13/200688
1The Krakken01/14/20068
1Permanent Retirement01/21/20066
1Tourist Trap02/04/20066
1Kevin 1102/11/20067
1The Alliance02/18/20068
1Last Laugh02/25/20068
1A Small Problem03/11/20065
1Side Effects03/18/20068
2The Big Tick05/30/20066
2Gwen 1006/04/2006
2Grudge Match06/07/2006
2The Galactic Enforcers06/13/2006
2Camp Fear06/21/2006
2Ultimate Weapon07/06/20069
2Tough Luck07/12/2006
2They Lurk Below07/18/2006
2Ghostfreaked Out07/25/2006
2Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray08/25/2006
2Back with a Vengeance10/09/2006
3Ben 10,00011/25/20069
3Midnight Madness12/02/20065
3A Change of Face12/09/20067
3Merry Christmas12/11/20066
3Game Over02/24/20077
3Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures03/03/20078
3Under Wraps03/10/2007
3The Unnaturals03/17/2007
3Monster Weather03/24/2007
3The Return04/07/2007
3Be Afraid of the Dark04/14/2007
3The Visitor04/21/2007
4Perfect Day07/14/2007
4Divided We Stand07/19/2007
4Don't Drink the Water07/25/2007
4Big Fat Alien Wedding08/02/2007
4Ben 10 vs. The Negative Ten: Part 208/31/2007
4Ben 4 Good Buddy09/22/2007
4Ready to Rumble09/29/2007
4Ben 10 vs. Negative 10 Part 111/03/2007
4Goodbye and Good Riddance04/05/2008