SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Voyagers10/03/1982 7:00 pmNBC7
1Created Equal10/10/1982 7:00 pmNBC21
1Bully and Billy10/24/1982 7:00 pmNBC16
1Agents of Satan10/31/1982 7:00 pmNBC19
1Worlds Apart11/07/1982 7:00 pmNBC14
1Cleo and the Babe11/14/1982 7:00 pmNBC12
1The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln11/21/1982 7:00 pmNBC23
1Old Hickory and the Pirate11/28/1982 7:00 pmNBC19
1The Travels of Marco... and Friends12/03/1982 7:00 pmNBC18
1An Arrow Pointing East12/12/1982 7:00 pmNBC15
1Merry Christmas, Bogg12/19/1982 7:00 pmNBC18
1Buffalo Bill & Annie Play the Palace01/09/1983 7:00 pmNBC11
1The Trial of Phineas Bogg01/16/1983 7:00 pmNBC27
1Sneak Attack02/20/1983 7:00 pmNBC13
1Voyagers of the Titanic02/27/1983 7:00 pmNBC13
1Pursuit03/06/1983 7:00 pmNBC9
1Destiny's Choice03/13/1983 7:00 pmNBC10
1All Fall Down03/27/1983 7:00 pmNBC14
1Barriers of Sound06/12/1983 7:00 pmNBC9
1Jack's Back07/10/1983 7:00 pmNBC14