Gary Unmarried

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Gary Gets Boundaries10/01/2008
1Gary Marries Off His Ex10/08/2008
1Gary Gets His Stuff Back10/15/2008
1Gary Breaks Up His Ex-Wife and Girlfriend10/22/2008
1Gary Meets the Gang11/05/2008
1Gary and Allison's Restaurant11/12/2008
1Gary and Allison Brooks11/19/2008
1Gary Gives Thanks11/26/2008
1Gary Goes First12/10/2008
1Gary Toughens Up Tom12/17/2008
1Gary Dates Louise's Teacher01/14/2009
1Gary Moves Back In01/21/2009
1Gary and Dennis' Sister02/11/20098
1Gary's Ex-Brother-In-Law02/18/2009
1Gary Uses His Veto03/11/2009
1Gary Hooks Up Allison03/18/2009
1Gary and the Trophy04/08/2009
1Gary and His Half Brother05/06/2009
1Gary Fixes Allison's Garbage Disposal05/20/2009
2Gary Has a Dream09/23/2009129
2Gary Promises Too Much09/30/2009
2Gary's Demo10/07/2009
2Gary Shoots Fish in a Barrel10/14/2009
2Gary on the Air10/21/2009
2Gary Tries to Do It All11/04/2009
2Gary and Allison's Friend11/11/2009
2Gary Apologizes11/18/2009
2Gary Keeps a Secret11/25/2009
2Gary Gives Sasha His Full Attention12/09/2009
2Gary Is a Boat Guy12/16/2009
2Gary Feels Tom Slipping Away01/13/2010
2Gary Has to Choose01/20/2010
2Gary Lowers the Bar02/10/2010
2Gary's Big Mouth03/03/2010
2Gary Tries to Find Something for Mitch03/10/2010
2Gary Unmarried?03/17/2010