Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1A Message from the Deep Sea09/20/1971 9:00 pmITVUK15
1The Missing Witness Sensation09/27/1971 9:00 pmITVUK20
1The Affair of the Avalanche Bicycle & Tyre Co. Ltd.10/04/1971UK
1The Duchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds10/11/1971UK
1The Horse of the Invisible10/18/1971UK
1The Case of the Mirror of Portugal10/25/1971 9:00 pmITVUK
1Madame Sara11/01/1971 9:00 pmITVUK1413
1The Case of the Dixon Torpedo11/08/1971UK
1The Woman in the Big Hat11/15/1971UK
1The Affair of the Tortoise11/22/1971 9:00 pmITVUK121
1The Assyrian rejuvenator11/29/1971UK
1The Ripening Rubies12/02/1971UK
1The Case of Laker, Absconded12/13/1971 9:00 pmMidlandsUK
2The Mysterious Death on the Underground Railway01/29/1973 9:00 pmITVUK2120
2Five Hundred Carats02/05/1973UK14
2Cell 1302/12/1973UK12
2The Secret of the Manifique02/19/1973 9:00 pmITVUK12
2The Absent-Minded Coterie02/26/1973UK17
2The Sensible Action of Lieutenant Hoist03/04/1973UK
2The Superfluous Finger03/11/1973UK
2Anonymous Letters03/19/1973UK
2The Moabite Cypher03/26/1973UK
2The Secret of the Foxhunter04/02/1973UK
2The Missing Q.C.s04/09/1973UK
2The Looting of the Species Room04/16/1973UK