Mind Your Language

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The First Lesson12/30/1977 7:00 pmITVUK1212
1An Inspector Calls01/06/1978 7:00 pmITVUK13
1A Fate Worse Than Death01/13/1978 7:00 pmITVUK11
1All Through the Night01/20/1978 7:00 pmITVUK11
1The Best Things in Life01/27/1978 7:00 pmITVUK14
1Come Back All Is Forgiven02/03/1978UK10
1The Cheating Game02/10/1978 7:00 pmITVUK1313
1Better to Have Loved and Lost02/17/1978UK12
1Kill or Cure02/24/1978 7:00 pmITVUK12
1Hello Sailor03/03/1978UK15
1A Point of Honour03/10/1978 7:00 pmITVUK14
1How's Your Father03/17/1978UK16
1The Examination03/24/1978UK16
2All Present If Not Correct10/07/1978 6:00 pmITVUK15
2Queen for a Day10/14/1978 6:00 pmITVUK19
2Brief Re-Encounter10/21/1978 6:00 pmITVUK15
2Many Happy Returns10/28/1978 6:00 pmITVUK17
2Don't Forget the Driver11/04/1978UK17
2A Hard Day's Night11/11/1978UK17
2Take Your Partners11/18/1978UK15
2After Three11/25/1978UK15
3I Belong to Glasgow10/27/1979UK15
3Who Loves Ya Baby?11/03/1979UK13
3No Flowers by Request11/10/1979 6:45 pmITVUK15
3Just the Job11/17/1979UK15
3Guilty or Not Guilty11/24/1979UK25
3Repent at Leisure12/01/1979UK14
3The School Fete12/08/1979UK14
3What a Tangled Web12/15/1979UK13
4Never Say Die01/04/1986UK11
4Too Many Cooks01/11/1986UK11
4Easy Come Easy Go01/18/1986UK11
4Fifty Years On01/25/1986UK11
4Time and Tide02/01/1986UK11
4Ghoulies and Ghosties02/08/1986UK11
4Mama Mia02/15/1986UK11
4A Rash Decision02/22/1986UK11
4Wedding Fever03/01/1986UK11
4Everybody's Out03/08/1986UK11
4Episode #4.1103/22/1986UK11
4Episode #4.1204/05/1986UK11
4Episode #4.1304/12/1986UK11