Adventures of Rin Tin Tin

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Meet Rin Tin Tin10/15/1954 7:30 pmABCUSA12
1Wolf Cry10/22/1954 7:30 pmABCUSA9
1Rin Tin Tin and the Flaming Forest10/29/1954 7:30 pmABCUSA10
1Rin Tin Tin and the Raging River11/05/1954 7:30 pmABCUSA6
1The Education of Corporal Rusty11/19/1954 7:30 pmABCUSA12
1Rin Tin Tin and the Apache Chief11/26/1954 7:30 pmABCUSA12
1Rin Tin Tin, Outlaw12/03/1954 7:30 pmABCUSA10
1The Outcast of Fort Apache12/10/1954 7:30 pmABCUSA11
The Killer Cat 12/11/1954 7:30 pmABCUSA
1Rin Tin Tin and the Ancient Mariner12/17/1954 7:30 pmABCUSA8
1The Babe in the Woods02/11/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA11
1Rusty Resigns from the Army02/25/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA9
1The Legacy of Sean O'Hara03/04/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA11
1The Barber of Seville03/11/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA12
1The Blushing Brides03/18/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA10
1The Bandit Kingdom04/08/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA8
1Rin Tin Tin and the Printer's Devil04/15/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA14
1The Dead Man's Gold04/22/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA9
1O'Hara Gets Busted05/06/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA8
1Bounty Hunters05/13/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA8
1Farewell to Fort Apache05/20/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA11
1The Lost Scotchman05/27/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA7
1The Lonesome Road06/04/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA11
2The Bugle Call09/09/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA11
2Rin Tin Tin Meets Shakespeare09/16/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA14
2The Wild Stallion09/23/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA8
2Rusty Volunteers09/30/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA10
2The Poor Little Rich Boy10/07/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA12
2The White Buffalo10/14/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA9
2Rin Tin Tin Meets Mister President10/21/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA13
2The Iron Horse10/28/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA12
2Connecticut Yankees11/04/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA9
2Higgins Rides Again11/11/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA11
2Boone's Wedding Day11/18/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA9
2Rusty Goes to Town11/25/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA10
2Lost Patrol12/02/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA6
2The Star Witness12/09/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA10
2The Last Chance12/16/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA8
2Rin Tin Tin and the Christmas Story12/23/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA10
2The Burial Ground12/30/1955 7:30 pmABCUSA5
2The Missing Heir01/13/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA9
2Rusty's Romance01/20/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA11
2The Tin Soldier01/27/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA8
2The Big Top02/03/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA7
2Rin Tin Tin Meets O'Hara's Mother02/17/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA10
2The Return of the Ancient Mariner02/24/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA8
2The Failing Light03/02/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA3
2Rusty's Mystery03/09/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA4
2The Third Rider03/16/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA8
2Rin Tin Tin and the Rainmaker03/23/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA9
2Attack on Fort Apache04/13/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA12
2Homer the Great04/20/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA11
2Rinty Finds a Bone04/27/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA8
2Rusty Meets Mr. Nobody05/04/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA10
2Circle of Fire05/11/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA10
2Hubert Goes West05/18/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA9
2Lost Treasure05/25/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA7
2Rin Tin Tin and the Second Chance06/01/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA10
3Forward Ho09/07/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3Witch of the Woods09/14/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3Sorrowful Joe09/21/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA8
3Return of the Chief09/28/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3The Silent Battle10/05/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3Yo-o Rinty10/12/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA10
3The White Wolf10/19/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA5
3Return of Rin Tin Tin10/26/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3Boone's Grandpappy11/02/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA8
3The Lost Puppy11/09/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3Wagon Train11/23/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3Fort Adventure11/30/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA7
The Flaming Forest 12/07/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA
3The Invaders12/14/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA10
3Racing Rails12/28/1956 7:30 pmABCUSA8
3Higgins' Last Stand01/04/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3The Indian Hater01/11/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3The Southern Colonel01/18/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA12
3The Warrior's Promise01/25/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3Sorrowful Joe Returns02/01/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA10
3The Lieutenant's Lesson02/08/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA8
3Swedish Cook02/15/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA4
3Rusty Gets Busted02/22/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3O'Hara's Gold03/01/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA5
3O'Hara Gets Culture03/08/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA8
3The Frame-Up03/15/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA7
3Boone's Commission03/22/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA10
3The Silent Witness03/29/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA10
3The Old Soldier04/12/1957USA7
3Stagecoach Sally04/19/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA9
3Bitter Medicine04/26/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA4
3Corporal Carson05/03/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA8
3Hubert's Niece05/10/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA12
3O'Hara Gets Amnesia05/17/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA10
Along Came Tubbs 05/26/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA
3Major Swanson's Choice05/31/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA11
3The Gentle Kingdom06/07/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA8
3The Old Man of the Mountain06/21/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA7
4Return to Fort Apache09/20/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA10
4The Courtship of Marshal Higgins09/27/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA9
4A Look of Eagles10/11/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA10
4The Last Navajo10/18/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA11
4Mother O'Hara's Marriage10/25/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA9
4Hostage of War Bonnet11/01/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA9
4Rodeo Clown11/08/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA8
4Rusty's Strategy11/15/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA8
4Frontier Angel11/22/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA4
4The Hunted12/06/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA9
4The White Chief12/13/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA10
4Boundary Busters12/20/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA5
4River Chase01/10/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA8
4Top Gun01/24/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA10
4Tomahawk Tubbs02/07/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA8
4The New C.O.02/14/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA10
4Pritikin's Predicament02/21/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA8
4Rusty's Remedy02/28/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA10
4Spanish Gold03/07/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA7
4Bitter Bounty03/14/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA9
4Sorrowful Joe's Policy03/21/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA9
4Border Incident03/28/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA7
4Wind-Wagon McClanahan04/04/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA9
The Secret Weapon 04/18/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA
Brave Bow 04/25/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA
5The General's Daughter09/19/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA10
5Escape to Danger09/26/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA7
5Decision of Rin Tin Tin10/03/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA10
5Rusty's Opportunity10/17/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA10
5The Foot Soldier10/18/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA10
5Running Horse10/24/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA7
5The Cloudbusters10/31/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA9
5Deadman's Valley11/07/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA8
5Grandpappy's Love Affair11/14/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA9
5The Epidemic11/21/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA12
5The Best Policy12/05/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA6
5Miracle of the Mission12/12/1958 7:30 pmABCUSA12
5Star of India01/02/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA10
5The Misfit Marshal01/09/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA8
5Ol' Betsy01/16/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA11
5Stagecoach to Phoenix01/23/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA9
5Major Mockingbird01/30/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA7
5The Matador02/06/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA7
5The Accusation02/13/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA9
5Royal Recruit02/20/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA4
5The Devil Rides Point02/27/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA5
5Pillajohn's Progress03/06/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA10
5The Ming Vase03/13/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA8
5Apache Stampede03/20/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA8
5The Luck of O'Hara04/03/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA12
5The Failure05/08/1959 7:30 pmABCUSA8