ITV Playhouse

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Lady Windermere's Fan09/25/1967UK12
They Said 'Let's Live Together'10/02/1967UK2
The First Thunder10/09/1967UK20
The Stories of D.H. Lawrence: The Prussian Officer10/16/1967UK6
The Stories of D.H. Lawrence: The Thorn in the Flesh10/23/1967UK4
The Stories of D.H. Lawrence: None of That10/30/1967UK10
The Waste Spaces11/13/1967UK3
Children Playing11/20/1967UK
I Love You Miss Patterson11/27/1967UK
The Confession12/04/1967 8:30 pmITVUK12
Day of the Tortoise12/18/1967UK1
A Whistle and a Funny Hat12/28/1967UK6
Lucky for Some01/08/1968UK18
The Curtis Affair01/15/1968UK
On Approval01/22/1968UK2
The Photographer01/29/1968UK7
Rogue's Gallery: The Curious Adventures of Miss Jane Rawley02/05/1968UK16
Rogues' Gallery: The Misfortunes of Lucy Hodges02/12/1968UK20
Rogues' Gallery: The Lives and Crimes of Jonathan Wild and Jack Sheppard02/19/1968 9:00 pmITVUK24
Rogues' Gallery: The Tale of Lancelot Wishart02/26/1968 8:30 pmITVUK13
The Father03/05/1968UK
The Judge03/11/1968UK
The Detour03/18/1968UK
Public and Confidential03/25/1968UK
A Matter of Diamonds04/01/1968UK
The Brahmin Widow04/08/1968UK
Murder: A Professional Job04/22/1968UK
Murder: The Dancing Man04/29/1968UK
The Bonegrinder05/13/1968UK
Horizontal Hold05/27/1968UK
The Retreat06/11/1968UK
Murder: The Rest of Our Lives06/17/1968 8:30 pmITVUK3
Murder: An Even Chance06/24/1968UK
Murder: Killer's Odds07/01/1968UK
Boatman Do Not Tarry07/08/1968UK
Entertaining Mr. Sloane07/15/1968UK
Daddy Kiss It Better07/29/1968UK8
Star Quality08/05/1968UK
Bon Voyage08/12/1968UK
A Heritage and Its History08/19/1968UK
Funeral Games08/26/1968UK
A Most Unfortunate Accident09/09/1968UK
Who Is Sylvia?09/16/1968UK
The Kindness of Mrs Radcliffe09/23/1968UK
There's a Hole in Your Dustbin, Delilah09/30/1968UK
Premiere: Flower Dew10/02/1968 9:00 pmITVUK6
Number Ten10/07/1968 8:30 pmITVUK
Premiere: The Night of Talavera10/09/1968UK
The Explorer10/14/1968UK
Premiere: My Country 'Tis of Thee10/16/1968UK
The Tigers of Subtopia10/21/1968UK
Premiere: Foxhole in Bayswater10/23/1968UK
The Stealers of Darkness10/28/1968UK
Inventory for the Summer11/25/1968UK
Neutral Ground12/02/1968UK
Your Name's Not God, It's Edgar12/09/1968UK
A Bit of Discretion12/12/196810:20 pmITVUK7
If Only the Trains Come12/16/1968UK
Camille 6812/23/1968UK
Thirteen Thousand and Eighty Three Pounds12/24/1968 5:15 pmITVUK11
The Best Pair of Legs in the Business12/28/1968UK
The Tycoon12/30/1968UK
Murder: When Robin Was a Boy03/17/1969 8:30 pmITVUK
Murder: Return to Yesterday03/24/1969UK
Murder: Double Negative03/31/1969UK
Murder: Nobody Knows04/14/1969 8:30 pmITVUK13
Murder: Mr Buchanan04/21/1969UK
Murder: Identikit04/28/1969UK
Double Agent05/12/1969 8:30 pmITVUK12
Public Face05/19/1969UK
Uncle Jonathan06/02/1969UK
Square on the Hypotenuse06/09/1969UK
Colombe06/16/1969 8:30 pmITVUK5
The Friendly Persuaders06/23/1969UK16
Beast in the Jungle06/30/1969UK
The Marrying Kind07/07/1969UK
Justice Is a Woman07/14/1969UK
End of Story07/21/1969 8:30 pmITVUK
Remember the Germans07/28/1969UK
Stables Theatre Company #1: In a Cottage Hospital08/11/1969 8:13 pmITVUK
Stables Theatre Company #2: Wedding Night08/18/1969UK
The Ha Ha08/25/1969UK
You've Made You're Bed: Now Lie in It09/08/1969UK
Romans and Friends09/29/1969UK
Mixed Foursome10/06/1969UK
The Patriot Game10/13/1969UK
Omri's Burning10/16/196911:00 pmITVUK
Like Puppies in a Basket10/20/1969UK
The Swan Won't Go in the Fridge10/27/1969UK
The Beauty Operators11/03/1969UK
Have You Any Washing, Mother Dear?11/10/1969 8:30 pmITVUK
Suspect11/17/1969 8:30 pmITVUK31
Ancient and Modern12/29/1969UK
The Plastic People01/05/1970 8:30 pmITVUK
A Man for Loving01/12/1970 8:30 pmITVUK5
The Pueblo Affair01/19/1970UK
The People's Jack01/26/1970UK
Would You Look at Them Smashing all Those Lovely Windows?02/02/1970UK
Unexpectantly Vacant03/09/1970UK
Don't Touch Him, He Might Resent It05/04/1970UK
Arthur Wants You for a Sunbeam05/11/1970 8:30 pmITVUK13
Thursday's Child05/18/1970UK
Private Lillywhite's Dead06/01/1970 8:30 pmITVUK5
The Bridesmaid07/20/1970UK
A Family and a Fortune07/27/1970UK
The High Game08/03/1970 8:30 pmITVUK11
Brother and Sister08/10/1970UK
A Sound from the Sea08/17/1970 8:30 pmITVUK8
The Style of the Countess08/24/1970UK
The Creeper09/07/1970UK
The Day They Buried Cleaver12/15/1970UK
The Waters of Babylon01/05/1971UK
Two World Wars and a Gold Clock03/16/197110:30 pmITVUK14
The Mosedale Horseshoe03/23/1971 9:00 pmITVUK8
The Switch06/08/1971 9:00 pmITVUK10
Beneath the Tide10/26/1971UK
The Chinese Prime Minister11/02/1971UK
The Panel11/09/1971UK
Jack Squaler's Time04/03/1972UK
Seventeen Percent Said Push Off05/22/1972UK
A Splinter of Ice05/29/1972UK
The Greeks and Their Gifts 06/20/1972UK
6Evening Class12/04/1972UK
6Buggins' Ermine12/18/1972UK
6Dear Octopus12/26/1972 2:40 pmITVUK10
6Vinegar Trip04/24/1973UK
6The Team05/21/1973UK
Lucky02/05/1974 9:00 pmITVUK14
Mr. Axelford's Angel06/05/1974UK6
Love Affair07/03/1974UK
Blind Love04/26/1977UK
Short Back and Sides05/03/1977UK
It's Not Quite Cricket05/10/1977UK
The Proofing Session05/17/1977UK
Cork and Bottle05/24/1977UK
The Bass Player and the Blonde06/14/1977UK
Last Summer06/21/1977UK
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll06/28/1977UK
Roadrunner07/05/1977 9:00 pmITVUK9
Ghosts07/26/1977 9:00 pmITVUK53
A Question of Time01/12/1978UK
Last Wishes02/08/1978UK
Cold Harbour04/25/1978UK
One of the Boys05/02/1978UK
Ten Days That Shook the Branch05/09/1978UK
We Never Do What They Want05/16/1978UK
Forty Weeks05/23/1978UK
The Case of Cruelty to Prawns02/27/1979UK
Where the Heart Is03/13/1979UK
The Reaper03/20/1979UK
No, Mama, No03/27/1979UK
The Winkler04/03/1979UK
The Blacktoft Diaries: True or False?04/10/1979UK
Village Wooing04/17/1979UK
Casting the Runes04/24/1979UK
The Daughters of Albion05/01/1979UK
The Beast05/08/1979UK
The Winter Ladies05/15/1979UK
Saint Vitus' Dance07/10/1979UK
Getting in on Concorde07/17/1979UK
Going Back07/24/1979UK
You're Not Watching Me, Mummy07/30/1979UK
The Lady03/13/1980UK
The Gate of Eden: Part 1 - Mr. Falconer04/08/1980UK
The Gate of Eden: Part 2 - Sue04/15/1980UK
The Gate of Eden: Part 3 - Peter04/22/1980UK
A Rod of Iron04/29/1980UK
Midnight at the Starlight05/06/1980UK
Too Close to the Edge05/13/1980UK
Looking for Vicky07/29/1980UK
Kiss and Tell08/05/1980UK
Facing the Sun08/12/1980UK
One Chance in Four08/26/1980UK14
Little Girls Don't03/10/1981UK
The Perfect House03/17/1981UK
Only a Game03/24/1981UK
Out of Sight, Out of Mind05/19/1981UK
Sin with Our Permission05/26/1981UK
Last Night Another Dissident...07/01/1981UK
The Day of the Janitor07/08/1981UK
A Ferry Ride Away07/22/1981UK
Friends and Other Lovers08/05/1981UK
The Quiet Days of Mrs. Stafford08/12/1981UK
Something's Got to Give06/19/1982UK7
The Houseboy07/03/1982UK
The Reunion07/10/1982UK
The Breadwinner07/17/1982UK8
Dogfood Dan and the Carmarthen Cowboy07/24/1982UK
The Boxwallah07/31/1982UK
The Glory Hole08/10/1982UK