Age of Kings

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Richard II Part 1: The Hollow Crown04/28/1960 9:00 pmBBCUK181
Richard II Part 2: The Deposing of a King05/12/1960 9:00 pmBBCUK27
Henry IV Part 1: Rebellion from the North05/26/1960 9:00 pmBBCUK25
Henry IV Part 2: The Road to Shrewsbury06/09/1960 8:45 pmBBCUK18
Henry IV Part 3: The New Conspiracy06/23/1960 8:45 pmBBCUK22
Henry IV Part 4: Uneasy Lies the Head07/07/1960 9:00 pmBBCUK22
Henry V Part 1: Signs of War07/21/1960 9:00 pmBBCUK26
Henry V Part 2: The Band of Brothers08/04/1960 9:00 pmBBCUK24
Henry VI Part 1: The Red Rose and the White08/25/1960 9:00 pmBBCUK24
Henry VI Part 2: The Fall of a Protector09/08/1960UK27
Henry VI Part 3: The Rabble from Kent09/22/1960UK29
Henry VI Part 5: The Sun in Splendour10/20/1960UK26
Richard III Part 1: The Dangerous Brother11/03/1960UK26
Richard III Part 2: The Boar Hunt11/17/1960 8:45 pmBBCUK30