Here's Lucy

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Mod, Mod Lucy09/23/1968USA
1Lucy Visits Jack Benny09/30/1968USA
1Lucy, the Process Server10/07/1968USA
1Lucy and Miss Shelley Winters10/14/1968USA
1Lucy, the Conclusion Jumper10/21/1968USA
1Lucy's Impossible Mission10/28/1968USA
1Lucy and Eva Gabor11/11/1968USA
1Lucy's Birthday11/18/1968USA
1Lucy Sells Craig to Wayne Newton11/25/1968USA
1Lucy's Working Daughter12/02/1968USA
1Guess Who Owes Lucy $23.5012/09/1968USA
1Lucy, the Matchmaker12/16/1968USA
1Lucy and the Gold Rush12/30/1968USA
1Lucy the Fixer01/06/1969USA
1Lucy and the Ex-Con01/13/1969USA
1Lucy Goes on Strike01/20/1969USA
1Lucy and Carol Burnett01/27/1969USA
1Lucy and the Great Airport Chase02/03/1969USA
1A Date for Lucy02/10/1969USA
1Lucy, the Shopping Expert02/17/1969USA
1Lucy Gets Her Man02/24/1969USA
1Lucy's Safari03/03/1969USA
1Lucy and Tennessee Ernie's Fun Farm03/10/1969USA7
1Lucy Helps Craig Get a Driver's License03/17/1969USA
2Lucy Goes to the Air Force Academy: Part 109/22/1969USA86
2Lucy Goes to the Air Force Academy: Part 209/29/1969USA1512
2Lucy and the Indian Chief10/06/1969USA
2Lucy Runs the Rapids10/13/1969USA
2Lucy and Harry's Tonsils10/20/1969USA
2Lucy and the Andrews Sisters10/27/1969USA
2Lucy's Burglar's Alarm11/03/1969USA
2Lucy at the Drive-In Movie11/10/1969USA7
2Lucy and the Used Car Dealer11/17/1969USA
2Lucy, the Cement Worker11/24/1969USA
2Lucy and Johnny Carson12/01/1969USA
2Lucy and the Generation Gap12/08/1969USA
2Lucy and the Bogie Affair12/15/1969USA
2Lucy Protects Her Job12/22/1969USA
2Lucy the Helpful Mother12/29/1969USA
2Lucy and Liberace01/05/1970USA
2Lucy, the Laundress01/12/1970USA
2Lucy and Lawrence Welk01/19/1970USA
2Lucy and Viv Visit TiJuana01/26/1970USA
2Lucy and Ann-Margret02/02/1970USA
2Lucy and Wally Cox02/09/1970USA
2Lucy and Wayne Newton02/16/1970USA
2Lucy Takes Over02/23/1970USA
2Lucy and Carol Burnett: Part 203/02/1970USA
3Lucy Meets the Burtons09/14/1970USA
3Lucy, the Skydiver09/21/1970USA
3Lucy and Sammy Davis Jr.09/28/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3Lucy and the Drum Contest10/05/1970USA
3Lucy the Crusader10/12/1970USA
3Lucy, the Co-Ed10/19/1970USA
3Lucy, the American Mother10/26/1970USA
3Lucy's Wedding Party11/02/1970USA
3Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price11/09/1970USA
3Lucy the Diamond Cutter11/16/1970USA
3Lucy and Jack Benny's Biography11/23/1970USA
3Lucy and Rudy Vallee11/30/1970USA
3Lucy Loses Her Cool12/07/1970USA
3Lucy, the Part-Time Wife12/14/1970USA
3Lucy and Ma Parker12/21/1970USA
3Lucy Stops a Marriage12/28/1970USA
3Lucy's Vacation01/04/1971USA
3Lucy and the 20-20 Vision01/12/1971USA
3Lucy and the Raffle01/18/1971USA
3Lucy's House Guest, Harry01/25/1971USA
3Lucy and Aladdin's Lamp02/01/1971 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3Lucy Goes Hawaiian: Part One02/15/1971 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3Lucy Goes Hawaiian: Part Two02/22/1971USA
4Lucy and Flip Go Legit09/13/1971USA
4Lucy and the Mountain Climber09/20/1971USA
4Lucy and Harry's Italian Bombshell09/27/1971USA
4Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage10/04/1971USA
4Lucy and the Astronauts10/11/1971USA10
4Lucy Makes a Few Extra Dollars10/18/1971USA
4Someone's on the Ski Lift with Dinah10/25/1971USA
4Lucy and Her All-Nun Band11/01/1971USA
4Won't You Calm Down Dan Dailey?11/08/1971USA
4Lucy and the Celebrities11/15/1971USA
4Ginger Rogers Comes to Tea11/22/1971USA
4Lucy Helps David Frost Go Night-Night11/29/1971USA
4Lucy in the Jungle12/06/1971USA
4Lucy and Candid Camera12/14/1971USA
4Lucy's Lucky Day12/20/1971USA
4Lucy's Bonus Bounces12/27/1971USA
4Lucy and the Little Old Lady01/03/1972USA
4Lucy and the Chinese Curse01/10/1972USA
4Lucy's Replacement01/17/1972USA
4Kim Moves Out01/24/1972USA
4Lucy Sublets the Office01/31/1972USA
4Lucy's Punctured Romance02/07/1972USA
4With Viv as a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy?02/21/1972USA
4Kim Finally Cuts You-Know-Whose Apron String02/28/1972USA
5Lucy's Big Break09/11/1972USA
5Lucy and Eva Gabor Are Hospital Roomies09/18/1972USA
5Harrison Carter, Male Nurse09/25/1972USA
5A Home Is Not an Office10/02/1972USA
5Lucy and Joe Namath10/09/1972USA
5The Case of the Reckless Wheelchair Driver10/16/1972USA
5Lucy, the Other Woman10/23/1972USA
5Lucy and Petula Clark10/30/1972USA
5Lucy and Jim Bailey11/06/1972USA
5Dirty Gertie11/13/1972USA
5Lucy and Donny Osmond11/20/1972USA
5Lucy and Her Prince Charming11/27/1972USA
5My Fair Buzzi12/11/1972USA
5Lucy and the Group Encounter12/18/1972USA
5Lucy Is Really in a Pickle01/01/1973USA
5Lucy Goes on Her Last Blind Date01/08/1973USA
5Lucy and Her Genuine Twinby01/15/1973USA
5Lucy Goes to Prison01/22/1973USA
5Lucy and the Professor01/29/1973USA
5Lucy and Uncle Harry's Pot01/29/1973USA
5Lucy and the Franchise Fiasco02/05/1973USA
5The Not-So-Popular-Mechanics02/19/1973USA
5Goodbye Mrs. Hips02/26/1973USA
5Lucy and Harry's Memoirs03/05/1973USA
6Lucy and Danny Thomas09/10/1973USA
6The Big Game09/17/1973USA
6Lucy, the Peacemaker09/24/1973USA
6Lucy, the Wealthy Widow10/01/1973USA
6The Bow Wow Boutique10/08/1973USA
6Lucy Gives Eddie Albert the Old Song and Dance10/15/1973USA
6Lucy's Tenant10/22/1973USA
6Lucy and Andy Griffith10/29/1973USA
6Lucy and Joan Rivers Do Jury Duty11/05/1973USA
6Tipsy Through the Tulips11/12/1973USA
6The Carters Meets Frankie Avalon11/19/1973USA
6Harry Catches Gold Fever12/03/1973USA
6Lucy and Chuck Connors Have a Surprise Slumber Party12/17/1973USA
6Lucy Plays Cops and Robbers12/31/1973USA
6Meanwhile, Back at the Office01/14/1974USA
6Lucy Is a Bird-Sitter01/17/1974USA
6Lucy Is N.G. as an R.N.01/21/1974USA
6Lucy, the Sheriff01/28/1974USA
6Milton Berle Is the Life of the Party02/11/1974USA
6Mary Jane's Boyfriend02/18/1974USA
6Lucy and Phil Harris Strike Up the Band02/25/1974USA
6Lucy Carter Meets Lucille Ball03/04/1974USA
6Where Is My Wandering Mother Tonight?03/11/1974USA
6Lucy Fights the System03/18/1974USA