Softly, Softly

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Off Beat01/05/1966 8:00 pmBBC1UK16
The Local Touch01/12/1966UK13
The Misinformer01/19/1966UK
It Doesn't Grow on Trees01/26/1966UK
Talk to Me02/02/1966UK
Screws and Drivers02/09/1966UK
Take Over02/16/1966UK
Over Take...02/23/1966UK
Don't Push Too Hard03/02/1966UK
The Key03/09/1966UK
Tickle on Wheels03/16/1966UK
A Spot of Leave03/23/1966UK
Blind Man's Bluff04/06/1966UK
All the Flowers04/13/1966 8:00 pmBBC1UK18
Do You Believe in Ghosts?04/20/1966UK
There's a Lot of It About04/27/1966UK
The Gentle Touch05/04/1966UK
The Short Cut05/11/1966UK
Made in Britain05/18/1966UK
Round Trip05/25/1966UK
Best Out of Three06/08/1966UK
I Know What I Said06/15/1966UK1
Conspiracy: Part 1: To Rob06/22/1966UK
Conspiracy: Part 2: To Corrupt06/29/1966UK
Inside Out11/02/1966UK
All That Glitters11/09/1966UK
The Jackpot11/16/1966 8:00 pmBBC1UK17
Murder Reported11/23/1966UK
Sleeping Dogs11/30/1966 8:00 pmBBC1UK15
Heart of Brass12/07/1966UK
Find the Lady12/14/1966UK
Barlow Was There: Part 1: Allegation12/21/1966UK
Barlow Was There: Part 2: Enquiry12/28/1966UK
Barlow Was There: Part 3: Mischief01/04/1967UK
Sing a Song of Friendship01/11/1967UK
James McNeil, Aged 2301/18/1967UK
The Next Voice You Hear01/25/1967 8:00 pmBBC1UK
An Eye for an Eye02/01/1967UK
What Colour a Wolf?02/08/1967UK
Somebody Important02/15/1967 8:00 pmBBC1UK
The Informant: Part 1: Rough Justice02/22/1967UK
The Informant: Part 2: The Man Inside03/01/1967UK
The Same the Whole World Over03/08/1967UK
Appointment in Wyvern03/22/1967UK13
2The Investors03/29/1967UK14
A Piece of Waste Ground04/05/1967UK
Proof Positive04/12/1967UK
Cash on Deliverance04/19/1967UK
On the Side of the Law04/26/1967UK
The Linkman05/03/1967UK9
Blackitt's Round05/10/1967UK
See You Tomorrow05/17/1967 8:00 pmBBC1UK12
The Hole: Part 1: In the Road05/24/1967UK
The Hole: Part 2: In the Head05/31/1967UK
The Target: Part 1: Sighted10/04/1967UK
The Target: Part 2: Point Blank10/11/1967UK
Material Evidence10/18/1967UK
Pieces of Silver10/25/1967UK
Something Unusual11/08/1967UK
Never Forget a Face11/15/1967UK
The Mind of the Beholder11/29/1967UK
The Hunt12/03/1967UK
Measure of Tolerance12/13/1967UK
Who's Mr. Smith?12/20/1967UK
The Bombay Doctor12/27/1967UK
Cause of Death01/04/1968UK
In Bulk01/11/1968UK11
Landing Whispers01/25/1968UK
Major Incident02/01/1968UK
Quicker by Rail02/08/1968UK
The Good Girl02/15/1968UK
Identity Unknown02/22/1968UK
Unfinished Business02/29/1968UK
Finger of Suspicion03/07/1968UK
If I Can Help Somebody03/14/1968UK
Don't Tell Me, Let Me Guess03/21/1968 8:00 pmBBC1UK
Fortune on the Move: Part 1: Payment03/28/1968 8:00 pmBBC1UK
Fortune on the Move: Part 2: Refund04/04/1968UK
Bird of Passage09/26/1968UK
See the Rabbit10/03/1968 8:00 pmBBC1UK
Take Them in Singles10/10/1968UK
Red Herring10/17/1968UK
Five Pair O' Hands10/24/1968UK
Minor Incident10/31/1968UK
4An Old Song11/07/1968UK2
Big Boats, Little Boats11/14/1968UK
For a Rainy Day11/21/1968UK
Assistance11/28/1968 8:00 pmBBC1UK
Equal Status12/13/1968UK
Going Quietly12/19/1968UK
On Christmas Day in the Morning12/27/1968UK
Departure01/02/1969 8:00 pmBBC OneUK
Cross Reference01/09/1969 8:00 pmBBC1UK
Run for the Hills01/16/1969UK
A Quantity of Gelignite01/30/1969UK
Critical Path02/06/1969 8:00 pmBBC1UK
Second Chance02/20/1969UK
How's the Wife Then?02/27/1969UK
Right to Search03/06/1969UK
Proved Connection03/13/1969UK
Flash Point09/18/1969 8:00 pmBBC1UK
In at the Death09/25/1969UK
Error of Judgement10/02/1969UK
Dead Aboard10/09/1969 8:00 pmBBC1UK
One Thing Leads to Another10/16/1969 8:00 pmBBC1UK
General Post10/23/1969 8:00 pmBBC1UK
Wild Goose10/30/1969 8:00 pmBBC1UK
We Shall Miss You11/06/1969 8:00 pmBBC1UK12
Write Off11/13/1969 8:00 pmBBC1UK
Arrival11/20/1969 8:00 pmBBC1UK
Exercise11/27/1969 8:00 pmBBC1UK
The Spoilt Ones12/11/1969UK
To Protect the Innocent12/18/1969UK
Any Other Night01/01/1970UK
The Aggro Boy01/08/1970UK
Standing Orders01/15/1970UK
Private Mischief01/22/1970UK
Open and Shut01/29/1970UK12
Sprats and Mackerels02/05/1970UK
Like Any Other Friday...02/12/1970UK
Power of the Press02/19/1970UK
Trust a Woman02/26/1970UK
The Hermit03/05/1970 8:00 pmBBC1UK16
Sunday, Sweet Sunday09/23/1970 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Safe in the Streets?09/30/1970 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Good Listener10/07/1970 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Time Expired10/14/1970 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Lessons10/21/1970 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Without Favour10/28/1970UK
Never Hit a Lady11/04/1970 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Its Ugly Head11/11/1970 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Who Wants Pride...?11/18/1970UK
Do Me a Favour12/02/1970 8:10 pmBBC1UK17
Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity12/09/1970UK
A World Full of Rooms12/23/1970 8:10 pmBBC1UK15
The Lie Direct12/30/1970UK
Ground Level01/06/1971UK
Company Business01/13/1971UK
Kick Off01/20/1971UK
Final Score01/27/1971 8:10 pmBBC1UK14
Something Big02/03/1971UK
Games02/10/1971 8:10 pmBBC1UK
In the Public Gaze02/17/1971 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Held for Questioning02/24/1971UK
Black Equals White03/03/1971 9:10 pmBBC1UK
Cash and Carry03/10/1971UK
Once Bitten10/06/1971UK
The Floater10/20/1971 8:10 pmBBC1UK81
Moving On11/03/1971UK
An Inside Job11/10/1971UK
The Bounty Hunter11/17/1971UK
Copper Wire12/01/1971 8:10 pmBBC1UK13
Man of Peace12/08/1971 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Good Touches12/15/1971 8:10 pmBBC1UK14
Better Than Doing Porridge12/22/1971UK
The Removal12/29/1971UK
The Amateur01/19/1972UK
Anywhere in the Wide World01/26/1972 8:10 pmBBC1UK
The Big Tip-Off02/09/1972UK
Woman's World02/16/1972 8:10 pmBBC1UK10
A Policeman's Lot: Part 1: The Row on the Stairs02/23/1972UK
A Policeman's Lot: Part 2: You Pays Your Money03/01/1972UK
Set Us Alight03/15/1972UK
The Easy Job03/22/1972UK
Conclusion03/29/1972 8:10 pmBBC1UK11
Spit and Polish09/13/1972UK
Surveillance09/27/1972 8:10 pmBBC1UK9
Dog Eat Dog10/04/1972UK
Bank Rate10/11/1972 8:10 pmBBC1UK11
On the Third Day10/18/1972 8:10 pmBBC1UK
The Witness10/25/1972 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Run for Your Money11/01/1972UK10
New Broom11/08/1972UK
Paper Chase11/15/1972UK
Welcome to the Club11/22/1972 8:10 pmBBC1UK15
Justice11/29/1972 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Conversion12/06/1972 8:10 pmBBC1UK10
Money for Sale01/17/1973UK
For Love or Money01/24/1973UK
Little Acorns01/31/1973UK
Signed Off09/19/1973UK
A Quiet Man09/26/1973UK
No Way10/03/1973UK
No Life for a Woman10/10/1973 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Twenty-Seven Pieces of Porcelain10/17/1973UK
Catch as Catch Can10/31/1973 8:10 pmBBC1UK
The Loudmouth11/07/1973UK
Interrogation11/14/1973 8:10 pmBBC1UK13
Slip of the Tongue11/21/1973 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Trial11/28/1973 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Skipper's Walk12/05/1973 8:10 pmBBC1UK
The Raider01/09/1974UK
You Don't Have to Shout, I'm Listening09/11/1974UK9
Worth a Million09/18/1974UK
Domestic Incident09/25/1974UK
Pop Goes the Weasel10/02/1974UK
Cat Among the Pigeons10/09/1974 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Little Boy Blue10/23/1974UK
A Day's Work10/30/1974UK
Paperwork11/06/1974 8:10 pmBBC1UK12
See What You've Done11/13/1974UK
We're in This Together11/20/1974UK
Feedback08/27/1975 8:10 pmBBC1UK
High Life09/03/1975 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Protection09/10/1975 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Bargains09/24/1975 8:10 pmBBC1UK
The Talking Doll10/01/1975UK
And with What Measure?10/08/1975UK
Female of the Species10/15/1975UK
A Person Unknown10/22/1975UK
Dorothy's Birthday11/05/1975UK13
Whose Side Are You On?11/12/1975UK
On Call11/26/1975UK
Blind Alley12/03/1975 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Not with a Bang...09/08/1976 8:10 pmBBC1UK
There's Always Tomorrow09/15/1976 8:10 pmBBC1UK12
Say It with Flowers09/22/1976UK
The Trojan Horse09/29/1976 9:55 pmBBC1UK
Now You See It, Now You Don't10/06/1976 8:10 pmBBC1UK10
As Good Cooks Go...10/13/1976 8:10 pmBBC1UK12
The Visitor10/20/1976 8:10 pmBBC1UK12
Baked Beans10/27/1976UK
The Climber11/03/1976 8:10 pmBBC1UK6
At Risk11/10/1976 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Got Him!11/17/1976UK
Just a Whisper?11/24/1976UK
A Shot in the Dark12/01/1976UK
Alarums and Excursions12/15/1976UK