SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Straight and Narrow09/29/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK13
1Good Morning, Yesterday10/06/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK23
1Crack-Up10/13/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK11
1Inheritance10/20/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK6
1The Millicent Sisters, Edward de Bruno and Ruth - where are they now?10/27/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK9
1Man with a Mission11/03/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK17
1Killing Time11/10/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK9
1Trespasser11/17/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK11
1Something Cries Out11/24/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK9
1Nine Bean Rows12/01/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK7
1Whos' Been Sleeping in My Bed?12/08/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK7
1The Elimination12/15/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK17
1The Innocent12/22/1970 9:20 pmBBC1UK14
2Judas Goat03/22/1973 9:25 pmBBC1UK10
2Pick Up03/29/1973 9:25 pmBBC1UK8
2The Haunting04/05/1973 9:25 pmBBC1UK8
2The Sitting Tenant04/12/1973 9:25 pmBBC1UK7
2Valentine04/19/1973 9:25 pmBBC1UK18
2Tom04/26/1973 9:25 pmBBC1UK13
2Deliver Us From Evil05/03/1973 9:25 pmBBC1UK2
2Comfortable Words05/17/1973 9:25 pmBBC1UK13
2The Solarium05/24/1973 9:25 pmBBC1UK7
2Boys and Girls Come Out to Play05/31/1973 9:25 pmBBC1UK10