Agatha Christie Hour
Jane in Search of a Job

Tuesday, 9th November 1982
 9:00 pm ITV

Tuesday, 9th November 1982ITV2100Agatha Christie HourJane in Search of a Job

Elizabeth Garvie
Jane Cleveland
Andrew Bicknell
Nigel Guest
Amanda Redman
Pauline, Grand Duchess of Ostravia
Stephanie Cole
Princess Anna
Tony Jay
Count Streptitch
Geoffrey Hinsliff
Colonel Kranin
Julia McCarthy
Miss Northwood
Helen Lindsay
Lady Anchester
Robert McBain
Police Superintendent
George Waring
Station Sergeant
Hetty Baynes
Holly de Witt
Roy Macready
Mr. Bissell
Neville Phillips
Josie Kidd
Miss Thristle
Tex Fuller