The Bill
Rough in the Afternoon

Tuesday, 4th December 1984
 9:00 pm ITV

Tuesday, 4th December 1984ITV2100BillRough in the Afternoon

John Salthouse
Det. Insp. Galloway
Eric Richard
Sgt. Cryer
Trudie Goodwin
W.P.C. Ackland
Colin Blumenau
P.C. Edwards
Gary Olsen
P.C. Litten
Mark Wingett
P.C. Carver
Tony Scannell
Det. Sgt. Roach
Peter Ellis
Chief Supt. Brownlow
Robert Hudson
P.C. Smith
Katharine Levy
Joyce Ferne
Barbara New
Kate Ferne
Godfrey James
Harry Ferne
Bernard Kay
Sid Leather
Jo Warne
Mrs. Shephard
Tip Tipping
Alan Ferne
Raymond Mason
B. R. Official
Dave Atkins
Ticket Clerk
Tricia Thorns
First Woman
James Marcus
John Levitt
Mr. Nathan
David Cardy
Lionel Dixon
Sandra Hall
Elaine Thomas
Norman Warwick
Mr. Reed