Dixon of Dock Green
Counsel for the Defence

Saturday, 6th January 1962
 6:30 pm BBC

Saturday, 6th January 1962BBC1830Dixon of Dock GreenCounsel for the Defence

Geoffrey Adams
PC Lauderdale
John Boxer
Prosecuting Counsel
Michael Brennan
Mr. Smethers
Peter Byrne
Det. Sgt. Andy Crawford
Patrick Cargill
Mr. Straker
June Ellis
Mrs. French
Hilda Fenemore
Jennie Wren
Geoffrey Frederick
Ron Smethers
Jeanette Hutchinson
Mary Crawford
Jill Mai Meredith
Millie French
Paul Michael
Michael Nightingale
Det. Con. Jack Cotton
Jocelyn Rhodes
WPC Kay Shaw
Arthur Rigby
Station Sgt. Flint
Ivan Samson
Jack Warner
PC George Dixon
David Webster
Prob. PC Jamie MacPherson