Monday, 9th September 1974
 9:30 pm CBS

Rhoda arrives in Manhattan to visit with her sister...

Opening salvo is amusing.

Pre-credits airport scene featuring Mary Tyler Moore seems to be absent from DVD and web versions.

Monday, 9th September 1974CBS2130RhodaJoe

Valerie Harper
Rhoda Morgenstern
Nancy Walker
Ida Morgenstern
David Groh
Joe Gerard
Julie Kavner
Brenda Morgenstern
Bill Zuckert
Nolan Arthur
Richard Reicheg
Airport Guard (pre-credits)
Todd Turquand
Donnie Gerard
Lorenzo Music
Carlton the Doorman (Voice)
Mary Tyler Moore
Mary Richards (pre-credits)
Tom Patchett
Airport Inspector (pre-credits)
Jay Tarses
Business Man (pre-credits)