Quincy, M.E.
Matters of Life and Death

Friday, 20th January 1978

Universal Pictures
Production Company

NB the series regulars only appear in a brief scene at the end of the episode.

Jack Klugman
Dr. R. Quincy, M.E.
Garry Walberg
Lt. Frank Monahan
John S. Ragin
Dr. Robert Asten
Val Bisoglio
Danny Tovo
Robert Ito
Sam Fujiyama
Joseph Roman
Sgt. Brill
Louise Latham
Nurse Katherine Lowry
Henry Beckman
Chief of Police Hartman
John Fiedler
Mortician Howard Clausen
Jim Antonio
Dr. George Bristol (as James Antonio)
Natalie Trundy
Mrs. Myra Hammond
Walter Brooke
Dr. Max Gilliam
Hoke Howell
Bud Cowley
Argentina Brunetti
Mrs. Maggiore
Sarah Rush
Trish Granby
Christian Vance
Denny Bleyer
William 'Billy' Benedict
Gas Station Attendent (as William Benedict)
Diane Lander
Nurse Louise
Merie Earle
Woman (Mrs. Foster)
Herbert Bress
Man (Mr. Shaw)
Eddie Garrett
John Nolan
Sonja Dunson
Elaine Miller

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