One Foot In The Grave

Sunday, 9th February 1992

Series 3, Episode 2

Margaret tells her friends about a reoccuring dream she keeps having about wanting to kill an elderly balding man, whilst Mrs. Warboys relays a story about the Meldrews to a couple of strangers in a tea shop. Victor is moaning about the shoe menders who have lost one of his shoes but decides to go to an elderly woman's home to buy a new pair she has advertised in the local paper only to discover they are on the feet of her recently-deceased husband.

Richard Wilson
Victor Meldrew
Annette Crosbie
Margaret Meldrew
Doreen Mantle
Mrs Warboys
Owen Brenman
Nick Swainey
Damaris Hayman
Elderly Lady
Julie Hewlett
Barbara Grant
Lady in Tea Shop
Annette Kerr
Lady in Tea Shop
Enn Reitel
the Tramp
Policewoman at House
Dead Husband

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