Sergeant Cork
Case of the Reluctant Widow

Saturday, 29th June 1963
10:00 pm ITV

Cork investigates the case of a man who supposedly committed suicide by ingesting a draught of liquid chloroform. Of course, the case is not as simple as it seems.

Great beginning to a "corking" show. Based on this true case from 1885, one that still raises questions to this day.

-Dave W.

Saturday, 29th June 1963ITV2200Sergeant CorkCase of the Reluctant Widow

John Barrie
Sergeant Cork
William Gaunt
Bob Marriott
Christopher Guinee
Clive Graham
Joe Ritchie
Street Vendor
Howard Lang
John Baker
Man in Cafe
Harry Brunning
Man in Cafe
Jean Trend
Julie Oxley
John Richmond
Superintendent Billy Nelson
George Day
Constable Page
Hazel Coppen
Mrs. Benny
Freddie Fowler
Chalky White
Peter Halliday
Dr. Richard James Howell Cato
Denis Cowles
Clerk of Court
Hilda Barry
Kate Oxley
Lucy Griffiths
Lucy Wells
Edward Burnham
Anthony Cundell
Police Sergeant
Gerald Case
Major T. L. Bradnock
Roger Avon
Inspector Moss
Edward Argent
Police Constable
Kathleen St. John
Bunty Bruce
Felicity Gordon
Sydney Bromley
Yvonne Manners
Jane Tuson
Mrs. Lamb, Dr. Cato's Patient
Colette Martin
Mary, Dr. Cato's Maid

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