McHale's Navy
French Leave for McHale

Monday, 25th November 1963
 8:30 pm ABC

Monday, 25th November 1963ABC2030McHale's NavyFrench Leave for McHale

Ernest Borgnine
Lt. Commander Quinton McHale
Joe Flynn
Captain Wallace B. Binghamton
Tim Conway
Ensign Charles Parker
Tim Conway Jr.
Ensign Charles Parker
Carl Ballantine
Lester Gruber
Gary Vinson
George Christopher
Billy Sands
Harrison Bell
Edson Stroll
Virgil Edwards
Gavin MacLeod
Joseph Haines
Benny Rubin
The Police Chief
Peggy Mondo
Eddie Hanley
The 1st Gendarme
Dale Ishimoto
The Japanese Officer (as Ishimoto)
George Kennedy
Big Frenchy