Yankee Doodle Doctor

Sunday, 22nd October 1972

Hawkeye and Trapper arrange their own film on what happens at MASH 4077 in an effort to replace an incorrect documentary which would give out false information .

Sunday, 22nd October 1972CBS2000M*A*S*HYankee Doodle Doctor
Saturday, 13th July 2019WGN1600M*A*S*HYankee Doodle Doctor

Alan Alda
Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce
Wayne Rogers
Captain John McIntyre
McLean Stevenson
Lt. Colonel Henry Blake
Loretta Swit
Major Margaret Houlihan
Larry Linville
Major Franklin Marion Burns
Gary Burghoff
Corporal Walter Eugene O'Reilly
Ed Flanders
Lt. Dwayne Bricker
Marcia Strassman
Nurse Margie Cutler
Bert Kramer
Sgt. Martin
Tom Sparks
Herb Voland
General Crandell Clayton