Sarah Jane Adventures
Death of the Doctor: Part 2

Tuesday, 26th October 2010

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Elisabeth Sladen
Sarah Jane Smith
Matt Smith
The Doctor
Daniel Anthony
Clyde Langer
Alexander Armstrong
Mr. Smith
Katy Manning
Jo Jones
Laila Rouass
Colonel Tia Karim
Jimmy Vee
Paul Kasey
Ruari Mears
David Bradley
Shansheeth Blue (voice)
Jon Glover
Shansheeth (voice)
Tony Beckley
Harrison Chase (archive footage)
Nicholas Courtney
The Brigadier
Roger Delgado
The Master (archive footage)
Stuart Fell
Alpha Centauri (archive footage)
Martin Friend
Styggron (archive footage)
Frank Gatliff
Ortron (archive footage)
William Hartnell
The Doctor
Robert James
High Priest (archive footage)
Norman Jones
Hierymmous (archive footage)
John Levene
Benton (archive footage)
Kevin Lindsay
Linx (archive footage)
Ian Marter
Harry Sullivan-Lt Andrews (archive footage)
Judith Paris
Eldred (archive footage)
Billie Piper
Rose Tyler
Gerald Taylor
Vega Nexos (archive footage)
Stephen Thorne
Eldred-Azal (archive footage)
Michael Wisher
Davros (archive footage)
Gabriel Woolf
Sutekh (archive footage)
Arnold Yarrow
Bellal (archive footage)
Tom Baker
The Doctor
Tommy Knight
Luke Smith
Yasmin Paige
Maria Jackson
Jon Pertwee
The Doctor
David Tennant
The Doctor
Patrick Troughton
The Doctor