Bad Girls

Tuesday, 31st May 2005

Series 7, Episode 4

Jim goes ahead with his vasectomy behind his wifes back, whilst Malcolm homes in on Sylvias good fortune. Hedges manages to talk a new teenage inmate, guilty of murdering her mother, into revealing the location of her sister; and the two Julies give Darlene a weird hairdo, a la Jason Voorhees!

Welcome to HMP Larkhall: Laura Canning (inmate).

Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

Helen Fraser
Sylvia Hollamby
Victoria Alcock
Julie Saunders
Kika Mirylees
Julie Johnston
Jack Ellis
Jim Fenner
Orlessa Altass
Vicky Floyd
Amanda Barrie
Beverley Tull
Stephanie Beacham
Phyllida Oswyn
Dannielle Brent
Natalie Buxton
Joanna Brookes
Victoria Bush
Tina O'Kane
Alan Fisher
Reporter (opening scene)
Francesca Fowler
Laura Canning
Rebecca Hazlewood
Arun Parmar
Paul Henry
Daniel Hill
Dr. Nelson
Philip McGough
Dr. Malcolm Nicholson
Antonia Okonma
Darlene Cake
Nicola Stapleton
Janine Nebeski
Tristan Sturrock
Colin Hedges
Ashlie Walker
Emily Canning
Tracey Wilkinson
Di Fenner
Jeanie Gold

Lord Heath: Notes & Screenshots