Bad Girls
Mistaken Identity

Tuesday, 2nd May 2000

Series 2, Episode 5

When two inmates arrive at Larkhall, Sylvia automatically asumes that one of them is the mad one due to
her initial behaviour.....but how wrong she was. Which means the REAL nutter has an opportunity to confront the governor.

Welcome to HMP Larkhall: Barbara Hunt & Tessa Spall (inmates).

Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

Isabelle Amyes
Barbara Hunt
David Bauckham
Security Guard
Lara Cazalet
Zandra Plackett
Sharon Duncan-Brewster
Crystal Gordon
Jack Ellis
Jim Fenner
Alicia Eyo
Denny Blood
Helen Fraser
Sylvia Hollamby
Linda Henry
Yvonne Atkins
Mandana Jones
Nikki Wade
Ivan Kaye
Charlie Atkins
Claire King
Karen Betts
Philip McGough
Dr. Malcolm Richardson
Helen Schlesinger
Tessa Spall
Joe Shaw
Dominic McAllister
Debra Stephenson
Shell Dockley
Eugene Walker
Officer Blakeson
Sian Webber
Meg Richards
Tracey Wilkinson
Di Barker

Lord Heath: Notes & Screenshots