Wednesday, 10th May 2006
 9:00 pm ABC

Series 2, Episode 21

Mr. Eko has a vision in his dream which inspires him to grab Locke and go on a quest to find "the question mark". They find another hatch buried in the ground, which they discover to be The Pearl. Inside there are video monitors which are running a live feed into The Swan (the original hatch where the 108 minute clock is running) and another self-explanitory videotape is found. Elsewhere Libby succumbs to her injuries inflicted by Michael but before she dies she gives a big clue as to the identity of her assailant.

Wednesday, 10th May 2006ABC2100Lost?

Naveen Andrews
Sayid Jarrah
Emilie de Ravin
Claire Littleton
Matthew Fox
Jack Shephard
Jorge Garcia
Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes
Josh Holloway
James 'Sawyer' Ford
Daniel Dae Kim
Jin Kwon
Yunjin Kim
Sun Kwon
Evangeline Lilly
Kate Austen
Dominic Monaghan
Charlie Pace
Terry O'Quinn
John Locke
Harold Perrineau
Michael Dawson
Michelle Rodriguez
Ana Lucia Cortez
Cynthia Watros
Libby Smith
Nick Jameson
Richard Malkin
Adetokumboh M'Cormack
Oliver Muirhead
Melissa Bickerton
Joyce Malkin
Peter Lavin
Felix Williamson
Dr. Ian McVay
Fran├žois Chau
Dr. Mark Wickmund