Play of the Month
When We Are Married

Monday, 29th December 1975
 9:20 pm BBC1

Monday, 29th December 1975BBC12120Play of the MonthWhen We Are Married
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Stuart Wilson
Gerald Forbes
John Stratton
Alderman Joseph Helliwell
Beryl Reid
Maria Helliwell
Eric Porter
Councillor Albert Parker
Patricia Routledge
Annie Parker
Richard Pearson
Herbert Soppitt
Thora Hird
Clare Soppitt
Mel Martin
Nancy Holmes
Shirley Steedman
Ruby Birtle
Sheila Burrell
Mrs. Northrop
Kenneth Waller
Fred Dyson
Ronnie Barker
Henry Ormonroyd
Sheila Reid
Lottie Grady
Douglas Milvain
Reverend Clement Mercer
Lee Fox
Mayor of Cleckleywyke