John and Julie


William Fairchild

Colin Gibson
John Pritchett
Lesley Dudley
Noelle Middleton
Miss Stokes
Moira Lister
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Sir James
Sid James
Mr. Pritchett
Megs Jenkins
Mrs. Pritchett
Joseph Tomelty
Mr. Davidson
Constance Cummings
Mrs. Davidson
Patric Doonan
Jim Webber
Andrew Cruickshank
Uncle Ben
Colin Gordon
Mr. Swayne
Winifred Shotter
Mrs. Swayne
Peter Jones
Peter Sellers
Police Constable Diamond
Vincent Ball
Paul Chapman
Youth Club Boy
Peter Coke
The Captain
Patrick Connor
Trooper Rogers
Mona Washbourne
Miss Rendlesham
Jean St. Clair
Miss Forbes
Molly Weir
Barbara Cavan
Mrs. Lundy
Philip Stainton
Police Sergeant
John Stuart
Palace Sergeant
George Rose
Wilbury Sergeant
Russell Waters
Garage Policeman
Tony Lyons
Bicycle Thief
Charles Lamb
Man in Train
Fred Griffiths
Taxi Driver
Ben Williams
Coach Driver
Bill Shine
Car Driver
Katie Johnson
Old Lady
Toke Townley
Booking Clerk
Peter Bathurst
Station Master
Cyril Smith
Ticket Inspector
Maureen Todd
Molly Osborne
Richard Dimbleby
Wynford Vaughan-Thomas
Jonathan Bailey
Choir Boy
Michael Bentine
Paper Tearing Entertainer
Valerie Buckley
Minor Role
Anne Cooke
Minor Role
Jacqueline Cox
Girl Guide
Raymond Dudley
Minor Role
Irene French
Minor role
Mandy Harper
Julie's Friend
Frazer Hines
Minor role
George Howell
Minor role
Jemma Hyde
Minor role
Hennie Scott
Minor Role
John Symonds
Minor Role
Gareth Tandy
Minor Role
David Tilley
Minor Role
Sandra Walden
Minor Role
Jane White
Minor role
Jane White
Minor role
Joey White
Minor Role

Cornershop15: Vidcap