Island of Lost Souls

Island of Dr. Moreau


Erle C. Kenton

The first screen adaptation of H.G. Wells' seminal science fiction novel The Island of Dr. Moreau. A top-billed Charles Laughton utterly steals the movie away from his supporting cast as the sadistic, whip-wielding Dr. Moreau, a scientist with a god complex, obsessed with surgically evolving animals into human beings and then ruling over them on his island. Into this stumbles hapless castaway Edward Parker (Richard Allen) who gets caught up in Moreau's schemes. The movie also contains memorable performances from Bela Lugosi as the impassioned leader of the animal-people, Kathleen Burke as the most human (and sexy) of Moreau's creations, and Paul Hurst as a fearless sea captain assisting Parker's fiancee (Leila Hyams) in looking for her betrothed.

Banned in Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, India, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and Tasmania and cut to remove all objectionable content in the countries it was release in, it remained unavailable for several years except for a 1990's VHS release as part of the Universal Monsters horror collection - which restored all of the censored dialog and scenes - until finally it was awarded a Criterion DVD release.


The presence of Crabbe, Scott and Ladd among the beast-men is highly doubtful and unsupported by any studio documentation. It appears to have be a bit of half-baked trivia thrown in by the editors of a movie encyclopedia some thirty years ago and taken for fact. A shame when supposedly reputable entities like TCM report it as fact, but then TCM is known to quote from books written about films word for word without giving credit, so it should not be surprising.

-Dave W.

1st December 1932

25th October 2011

Charles Laughton
Dr. Moreau
Richard Arlen
Edward Parker
Leila Hyams
Ruth Thomas
Bela Lugosi
Sayer of the Law
Kathleen Burke
The Panther Woman - Lota
Arthur Hohl
Mr. Montgomery
Stanley Fields
Captain of the Covena
Paul Hurst
Captain Donahue
Hans Steinke
Tetsu Komai
George Irving
The Consul
Jack Bardette
Undetermined Role
Evangelus Berbas
Undetermined Role
Joe Bonomo
Buster Brodie
Pig Man - a Little Beast
Buster Crabbe
Beast (unconfirmed)
Harry Ekezian
Charles Gemora
Gorilla on Pier
John George
Rosemary Grimes
Samoan Girl
Robert P. Kerr
Undetermined Role
Bob Kortman
Alan Ladd
Beast (unconfirmed)
Robert Milasch
Undetermined Role
Constantine Romanoff
Furry Manimal
Randolph Scott
Beast (unconfirmed)
Jack Walters
Undetermined Role
Duke York

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