Green for Danger


Sidney Gilliat

When a patient dies during an operation a nurse accuses a doctor of murder. Most excellent classic British murder mystery proving Hitchcock wasn't the only one who could do it. Alastair Sim at his very best. Highly recommended.

14th November 2005

13th February 2007

Leo Genn
Mr. Eden
Henry Edwards
Mr. Purdy
Trevor Howard
Dr. Barney Barnes
Ronald Adam
Dr. White
Judy Campbell
Sister Bates
Wendy Thompson
Sister Carter
Rosamund John
Nurse Esther Sanson
Sally Gray
Nurse Freddy Linley
Megs Jenkins
Nurse Woods
John Rae
The Porter
Moore Marriott
Joseph Higgins
Frank Ling
Rescue Worker
Alastair Sim
Inspector Cockrill
George Woodbridge
Det-Sgt Hendricks
Hattie Jacques