John Schlesinger
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Pretentious, overrated drama that has aged about as well as the Mod movement it claims to portray. Christie is good (though this isn’t the film she deserved an Oscar for) but Schlesinger is not the director this film needed. John Dankworth’s score is perhaps the best thing about the film in the lens of posterity. David Thomson perhaps sums it up best, stating the film “deserves a place in every archive to show how rapidly modishness withers.” It could have been worse; the filmmakers could have gone with their first choice, Shirley McLaine, and this would have been a miscast disaster instead of a period curiosity.

Christie’s narration is a prime example of the untrustworthy narrator; worldweary voice blaming all others without admitting the truth that’s she an amoral whore. Making her the heroine only ensures he film is a tiresome slog. I know subtitle are hard, but go watch a Godard or Antonioni film instead of this wannabe.

-Dave W.

3rd August 1965

128 mins

16th September 1965

128 mins

Laurence Harvey
Miles Brand
Dirk Bogarde
Robert Gold
Julie Christie
Diana Scott
José Luis de Vilallonga
Prince Cesare della Romita
Roland Curram
Basil Henson
Alec Prosser-Jones
Helen Lindsay
Felicity Prosser-Jones
Carlo Palmucci
Curzio della Romita
Dante Posani
Umberto Raho
Marika Rivera
Alex Scott
Sean Martin
Ernst Walder
Brian Wilde
Basil Willett MP
Pauline Yates
Estelle Gold
Peter Bayliss
Lord Grant
Richard Bidlake
Rupert Crabtree
Trevor Bowen
Tony Bridges
Annette Carell
Billie Castiglione
(as Annette Carrell)
Jean Claudio
Raoul Maxim
Georgina Cookson
Carlotta Hale
James Cossins
Jane Downs
(as Jane Downes)
John Adams
Peter Avella
Derek Aylward
Party Guest
Bill Baskiville
Man in Street
Hyma Beckley
Guest at Art Gallery Viewing
Ernest Blyth
Man at Airport
Sidonie Bond
Tyler Butterworth
William Prosser-Jones
Pauline Chamberlain
Woman at Charity Auction
Jimmy Charters
Man on Tube Station Escalator
Noel Davis
Shop Assistant
Silvia Dionisio
Prince Cesare della Romita's Daughter
Vernon Dobtcheff
Art Critic at Ralph Riggs Exposure
Hugo Dyson
Prof. Walter Southgate
Mike Edmonds
Man in Street
Peter Evans
Man at Charity Raffle
Ann Firbank
Sybil Martin
Eden Fox
Otto Friese
Man in Street
Sheila Gish
Margaret Gordon
Helen Dawlish
Christopher Greatorex
Art Critic at Ralph Riggs Exposure
Victor Harrington
Functionary at Charity Event
David Harrison
Charles Glass
Eric Henderson
Tube Passenger
George Holdcroft
Man on Escalator with Newspaper
Lewis Hooper
Model Agency Staff
Doreen Jones
Continuity girl
Gerry Judge
Anthony Lang
Man at Airport
Roy Lansford
Party Guest
Aileen Lewis
Fortnum and Masons Customer
Alex Lewis
Fortnum and Masons Customer
Pat Lewis
Woman at Airport
Len Llewellyn
Model Agency Staff / Airline Passenger
Ray Lovelock
Undetermined role
Martin Lyder
Man at Charity Raffle
Angus MacKay
Ivor Dawlish
Jack Mandeville
Tube Passenger
Mary Maxfield
Lady at Charity Raffle
Zakes Mokae
Black Man at French Party
Brian Moorehead
Leslie Page
Lola Morice
Lady at Charity Raffle
George Oliver
Tube Passenger
Jane Pearl
John Preston
Man at Charity Raffle
Bob Raymond
Waiter / Porter
Irene Richmond
Mrs. Glass
John Schlesinger
Theatre Director
Arnold Schulkes
Bunny Seaman
Lady at Charity Raffle / Lady at Cinema
Ian Selby
Model Agency Staff
Frank Shelley
Father Norton
Lydia Sherwood
Lady Brentwood
Esme Smythe
Art Gallery Guest
Lucille Soong
Philip Stewart
Guest at Art Gallery Viewing
Helen Stirling
Governess to Cesare Family
John Tatum
Man at Tube Station
Oliver Tomlin
Man at Charity Raffle / Tube Passenger
Graham Tonbridge
Art Gallery Guest
James Ure
Art Gallery Guest
John Woodvine
Customs Officer
Nicholas Wright
Young Man in Opening Scene
Leonard Brockwell
Nicola White

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