Confessions of a Driving Instructor


Norman Cohen
Columbia Pictures
Production Company

Dodgy sex farce with the inevitable Robin Askwith and a plethora of familiar British faces. As a film - awful beyond belief. As a cultural snapshot - priceless. Bundled with three other Confessions movies.

6th June 2005

1st April 2014

90 mins

Robin Askwith
Timothy Lea
Anthony Booth
Sidney Noggett
Sheila White
Rosie Noggett
Doris Hare
Bill Maynard
Windsor Davies
Mr. Truscott
Liz Fraser
Mrs. Chalmers
Irene Handl
Miss Slenderparts
George Layton
Tony Bender
Lynda Bellingham
Mary Truscott
Avril Angers
Mrs. Truscott
Maxine Casson
Avril Chalmers
Chrissy Iddon
Lady Snodley
Ballard Berkeley
Lord Snodley
Suzy Mandel
Mrs. Hargreaves
Sally Faulkner
Mrs. Dent
Peter Godfrey
PC Wood
Damaris Hayman
Tweedy Golfing Lady
John Junkin
Anthony Morton
Geoffrey Hughes
Sally Adez
Female Examiner
Donald Hewlett
Chief Examiner
Daniel Chamberlain
Jason Noggett
Rocky Taylor
Monks Hill Rugger Team
Bill Hemmings
Monks Hill Rugger Team
Chris Driscoll
Monks Hill Rugger Team
Matt Kilroy
Monks Hill Rugger Team
Terry Richards
Monks Hill Rugger Team
Lewis Collins
Monks Hill Rugger Team
Robert Putt
Old Bostalites
Peter Greene
Old Bostalites
Peter O'Farrell
Old Bostalites
Ron Dee
Old Bostalites
Stephen Calcutt
Old Bostalites
Tim Stern
Old Bostalites