Man from U.N.C.L.E.


1963, Russian and American agents team up to track down a nuclear scientist.

Film takes great pains to recreate the 1960s with meticulous detail even down to the hairstyles. That's about it for the positive. The biggest problem is that Cavill and Hammer are a pair of wooden planks with zero charisma and chemistry.

Maybe it's just me, folk on the IMDb seem to like it.

-The Sloth

The good reviews might have something to do with most of IMDb's 'reviewers' being either paid shills,morons or both. Seriously, this was better than Spectre? Hah! Stop trying to make Hammer and Cavill stars. They are both empty headed mannequins.

-Dave W.

14th August 2015

Henry Cavill
Armie Hammer
Alicia Vikander
Elizabeth Debicki
Luca Calvani
Sylvester Groth
Uncle Rudi
Hugh Grant
Jared Harris
Christian Berkel
Misha Kuznetsov
Guy Williams
Captain Smith
Marianna Di Martino
Desk Clerk
Julian Michael Deuster
Andrea Cagliesi
Fishing Captain
Riccardo Calvanese
Man 2
Peter Stark
Guard (Checkpoint)
David Menkin
Pablo Scola
Cesare Taurasi
Riccardo Flammini
Man 1
Francesco De Vito
Night Manager
Luca Della Valle
Security Guard
Simona Caparrini
David Beckham
Alessandro Ananasso
Italian Guard
Joana Metrass
Victoria's Assistant
Gabriel Farnese
Italian Playboy #1
Elbio Bonsaglio
Italian Playboy #2
Michael Peluso
Italian Playboy #3
Alan Turkington
Lead Policeman
Sergio Marini
Gordon Alexander
Vinciguerra Elite Guard
Lasco Atkins
Italian policeman
Nic Bernasconi
Race Guest
Nicolas Bosc
Italian Policeman
Alexander Bracq
East German Guard
Vivien Bridson
East German Woman
Max Cavenham
Triton Guard
Arpit Chaudhary
Trevor Comber
Special Boat Service
Pamela Betsy Cooper
German Lady
Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro
Pit Manager
Graham Curry
US Military Police
Gary Douglas
Italian Policeman
Amanda Edwards
Italian Race guest
Dave Evans
Sbs sniper
Craig Goult
Helicopter Pilot
Alexander Hathaway
Italian Police
James Henri-Thomas
Race Guest
George Hewer
Countess's Race Guest
John Hiorns
Helicopter Pilot
Philip Howard
Sayed Kassem
Egyptian General
Andrea Kerry
Party Guest
Jefferson King
Navy Officer
Hrvoje Klecz
Mickey Lewis
Helicopter Navigator
Christopher Marsh
East German Guard
Jorge Leon Martinez
Vinciguerra Elite Guard
Grayson James Matthews
Missile technician
Stuart Matthews
Airfield Ground Crew
Larry Moran
Chief of Staff
Jonathan Nadav
Young Napoleon Solo
Claudia Newman
German Shopper
Hugh O'Brien
KGB Agent
Lazaros Pasdekis
KGB Agent
Ed Pearce
KGB Agent
Gino Picciano
Antonio Piras
Marine Worker
Mark Preston
Kin agent
James Michael Rankin
US Soldier Wilson
Anthony Ray
CIA Agent
Luca Ribezzo
Roman gentlemen
David G. Robinson
Sergeant U.S. Military Police
David Martel Santana
Roman Gentleman
Daniel Tyler-Smith
Radio Operator
Danny Vardanian
Italian Policeman
Daniel Westwood
Italian Armed Guard
Anick Wiget
KGB Agent
Lisa-Marie Wragg
West Berliner
Ben Wright
The Unit
Ekaterina Zalitko
Pit girl
Andrew Zographos
Race Guest