The Castle of Fu Manchu

Assignment Istanbul


Jess Franco

Nefarious Fu Manchu plots world domination with assist from the ailing Dr. Heracles who badly needs a heart transplant.

Bottom of the Fu Manchu barrel courtesy of low budget and seemingly non-existent script. The technicolor heart transplant disturbed me greatly as a child...but now you can see the blunt scalpel complete with special effects tubing courtesy of Blue Underground's gorgeous restoration - the effect is not the same.
Worse, bits of stock footage are thieved from the classic Titanic movie, A Night to Remember!

Disappointing movie. Great set of interviews with Franco, Chris Lee, Tsai Chin and Harry Alan Towers as a DVD extra.

-The Sloth

There is so much to say about this film, none of it good. So bad it not only steals footage from better movies (not only A Night to Remember - the dam breaking footage is lifted from Campbell's Kingdom, ineptly enough that you can see Stanley Baker and Dirk Bogarde running!), but also previous Fu Manchu films. Obviously made as a tax dodge or similar, and it shows. The "Turkish" locations that are obviously Park Güell in Barcelona, the poorly done 1920s setting, all the Turks wearing fezes even though it was during a period when Attaturk banned the wearing of them. . . Ugh, it's just awful, even in a clean version and not the horrible print used when it was skewered on MST3K. This is indeed the worst movie they ever did. And that's sayin' somethin'.

-Dave W.

Die Folterkammer des Dr. Fu-Manchu
30th May 1969


Castle Of Fu Manchu
30th September 2003


Christopher Lee
Fu Manchu
Richard Greene
Denis Nayland-Smith
Howard Marion-Crawford
Dr. Petrie
Günther Stoll
Dr. Curt Kessler
Rosalba Neri
Maria Perschy
Dr. Ingrid Koch
(Marie in end credits)
José Manuel Martín
Omar Pasha
Werner Abrolat
(as Werner Aprelat)
Tsai Chin
Lin Tang
Burt Kwouk
(archival footage from
The Brides of Fu Manchu)
Osvaldo Genazzani
Sir Robert
Mike Brendel
Pascha's Gunman
Gustavo Re
Professor Heracles
Jess Franco
Inspector Ahmet
Gene Reyes
Fu Manchu Henchman
Moisés Augusto Rocha
Fu Manchu Henchman
David de Keyser
Voice: Omar Pasha and others
Robert Rietty
Voice: Curt and others

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