Carve Her Name with Pride


Lewis Gilbert

Circumstances make Violette Szabo the ideal candidate for becoming a spy for the British in WWII.

Cracking story of war time derring-do and true to boot. Recommended.

Upgrade in Progress!

18th February 1958

13th May 2008

119 mins

Virginia McKenna
Violette Szabo
Paul Scofield
Tony Fraser
Jack Warner
Mr. Bushell
Denise Grey
Mrs. Bushell
Alain Saury
Etienne Szabo
Maurice Ronet
Anne Leon
Lillian Rolfe
Sydney Tafler
Avice Landone
Vera Atkins
Nicole Stéphane
Denise Bloch
Noel Willman
Bill Owen
N.C.O. Instructor
Billie Whitelaw
William Mervyn
Colonel Buckmaster
Michael Goodliffe
Coding Expert
André Maranne
Garnier, Garage Man
Harold Lang
Commandant Suhren
Miriam Karlin
Shirley Wilson, Bus Conductress
Hal Osmond
Man on Bus
Sidney Vivian
Man on Bus
Prudence Hyman
Woolworth Supervisor
Nigel Hawthorne
Polish Soldier in Park
Michael Cosmo
Polish Soldier in Park
Neville Becker
French soldier in Hyde Park
David Lawton
French soldier in Hyde Park
Donald Churchill
Roy Bushell
Colin Wall
John Bushell
Julia Sutton
Bushell family friend
Amanda Godsell
Tania Szabo, aged 2
Marianne Stone
Mother at birthday party
Myrtle Reed
Mother at birthday party
Brenda Bennett
Mother at birthday party
Geoffrey Denton
wing commander who is floored by Violette
Victor Maddern
Sergeant, Parachute Training Instructor
Tutte Lemkow
Victor Beaumont
German Colonel
Jan Conrad
Rouen checkpoint Guard
Bernard Rebel
Rouen hotel proprietor
Michael Beint
Gestapo officer who arrests Violette
Joseph Behrmann
Gestapo officer who arrests Violette
Enid Lorimer
Madame Renaud
W. Thorp Devereux
Frenchman looking at dress shop window
Marion Nevue
French mother
Gillian Gore
Little French Girl (as Gillian Aza)
Mary Steele
Virginia Maskell
Michael Shabam
Bob Mortier
Michael Jacques
John Serret
Albert, farmer with shotgun
Peter Taylor
German sergeant who arrests Violette
Nicholas Bruce
German major
John G. Heller
assistant interrogator
Max Faulkner
German officer in train corridor
John H. Watson
British prisoner on train
Michael Caine
Jack Taylor
British prisoner
Donovan Winter
Liselotte Goettinger
German POW camp officer
Pauline Challoner
Tania Szabo
Patrick Jordan
parachute instructor on second jump
Jim Brady
German soldier on train playing cards
Larry Taylor
German soldier on train playing cards
Tom Naylor
Naval Officer
Betty Cooper
Miss Shaw
Raymond Francis
Captain Bell
Gertan Klauber
German Train Guard
Irene Prador
women prisoners
Peter Swanwick
Dr. Trommer
Jemma Hyde
Daughter of Mme. Burno