Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe

and Find True Happiness?


Anthony Newley

Anthony Newley
Hieronymus Merkin
Joan Collins
Polyester Poontang
Milton Berle
Goodtime Eddie Filth
Connie Kreski
Mercy Humppe
George Jessel
The Presence
Bruce Forsyth
Uncle Limelight
Patricia Hayes
Stubby Kaye
Fat Writer
Ronald Rubin
Skinny Writer
Louis Negin
Producer Peter
Tom Stern
Producer Ron
Ronald Radd
Critic Bentley
Rosalind Knight
Critic Penelope
Victor Spinetti
Critic Sharpnose
Julian Orchard
Red Cardinal
Judy Cornwell
Filigree Fondle
Desmond Walter-Ellis
Philip Bluster
Bernard Stone
Icicle Ike
Margaret Nolan
Little Assistance
Sally Douglas
Automation Bunny
Roy Desmond
The Mask
Lynda Baron
Baby Boobala Salesgirl
Joyce Blair
Oat-O-Rinos girl
Bruce Boa
Car Salesman
Berry Cornish
Gilly Grant
Miss Maidenhead Fern
Isobel Hurll
Robert Hutton
Insurance Agent
Laurie Leigh
Toothpaste Mother
Aleta Morrison
Eve Pearce
Floor Wax Housewife
Muriel Young
Liz Harper
Doris Graham
Dora Graham