Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor


Rob Cohen
Universal Pictures
Production Company

Alex O'Connell unearthes and reanimates a terra cotta army led by the merciless Emperor Han. It is up to Alex and his parents, with some mystical help, to put things to rights.

Everything seems to be right (with one minor exception) with this Mummy-tastic adventure, but it fails to capture the fun of the first installment and seems rather dull somehow despite all the wizardry on display. The one exception is the absence of the sorely missed Rachel Weisz.

1st August 2008

(Two Disc Deluxe Edition)
16th December 2008

112 mins

16th December 2008

112 mins

Brendan Fraser
Rick O'Connell
Jet Li
Emperor Han
Maria Bello
Evelyn O'Connell
John Hannah
Jonathan Carnahan
Michelle Yeoh
Zi Juan
Luke Ford
Alex O'Connell
Isabella Leong
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang
General Yang
Russell Wong
General Ming Guo
Liam Cunningham
Mad Dog Maguire
David Calder
Prof. Roger Wilson
Jessey Meng
Tian Liang
Li Zhou
Albert Kwan
Chu Wah
Jacky Wu
Assassin #1 (as Wu Jing)
Binghua Wei
Assassin #2
Guo Jing
Assassin #3
Alison Louder
Woman in Bookstore
Marcia Nasatir
Russian Princess
Emerald Starr
Man in Bar
Helen Feng
Nightclub Singer
Stella Maryna Troshyna
Brunette at Imhotep?s
James Bradford
Butler Jameson
Daniel Richard Giverin
Benjamin Fry
Fernando Chien
Yang's Soldier #3
Darryl Quon
Yang's Soldier #8
Paul Wu
Yang's Soldier #10
Larry Lam
Yang's Soldier #11
Scott Taylor
Yeti #2
Freda Foh Shen
Narrator (voice)
Vic Armstrong
Dancer in Nightclub
Derek Spears
Dancer in Nightclub