Harold Ramis

Ramshackle film of the chaos arising when the stuffy world of a Florida country club is invaded by by fun-loving Rodney Dangerfield and his pals. A surprise hit that led to a slew of "snob vs. slob" films in the 1980s and beyond, and remains one of the most quotable films of its day (especially if you are a golfer). It was also followed by a truly awful and pointless sequel, Caddyshack II, which is even worse than Grease 2!!

Interesting to note that the film started off more as a slice-of-life/coming-of-age film about caddies, a few tattered remnants of which remain on screen as Dangerfield, Chase and Murrays' cameos were enlarged and took over the film. All very funny, but no one seems to notice that Dangerfield's slovenly real estate developer, Chase's rich layabout with Zen pretensions, and their assorted cronies are just as obnoxious as the rich white establishment characters portayed by Ted Knight, etc.

-Dave W.

25th July 1980

Caddyshack (20th Anniversary Edition)
4th April 2000


8th June 2010

Chevy Chase
Ty Webb
Rodney Dangerfield
Al Czervik
Ted Knight
Judge Elihu Smails
Michael O'Keefe
Danny Noonan
Bill Murray
Carl Spackler
Sarah Holcomb
Maggie O'Hooligan
Scott Colomby
Tony D'Annunzio
Cindy Morgan
Lacey Underall
Dan Resin
Dr. Beeper
Henry Wilcoxon
The Bishop
(Fred Pickering)
Elaine Aiken
Mrs. Noonan
Albert Salmi
Mr. Noonan
Ann Ryerson
Brian Doyle-Murray
Lou Loomis
Hamilton Mitchell
Peter Berkrot
Angie D'Annunzio
John F. Barmon Jr.
Spaulding Smails
Lois Kibbee
Mrs. Smails
Brian McConnachie
Drew Scott
Scott Powell
Ann Crilley
Cordis Heard
Scott Sudden
Richard Richards
Jackie Davis
Smoke Porterhouse
Thomas A. Carlin
Sandy McFiddish
(as Thomas Carlin),/i>
Minerva Scelza
Joey D'Annunzio
Kenneth Burritt
Mr. Havercamp
Rebecca Burritt
Mrs. Havercamp
Barbara Keegan
Noble Noyes
(as Bobbie Kosstrin)
Scott Jackson
Chuck Schick
Ron Frank
Pat Noonan
Patricia Wilcox
Nancy Noonan
Debi Frank
Kathleen Noonan
Tony Gulliver
Ray (Old Caddy)
Kim Bordeaux
Lori Lowe
Marcus Breece
Mark Chiriboga
Terry the Hippie
Fred Buch
Angry Husband
Frank Schuller
Charlie the Cook
Mel Pape
Marge McKenna
Lady on Boat
Bruce McLaughlin
Old Crony
Dennis McCormack
Dennis Noonan
Violet Ramis
Noonan Child
Judy Arman
Beeper's Girlfriend
Tsung-I Dow
Mr. Wang
(as Dr. Dow)
Paige Coffman
Little Girl at Pool
Donna M. Wiggin
Woman at Pool
James Hotchkiss
Old Crony
Douglas Kenney
Al Czervik's Dinner Guest
John Murray
Caddy (uncredited)
Ted Swanson
Golf Pro (uncredited)
Anna Upstrom
Czervik's Blonde

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