Whispering Corridors

Yeogo goedam


Ki-Hyung Park

A series of grisly deaths at a girls school are passed off as suicides, but something more supernatural is afoot. Along with The Ring, this film marks the debut of the current cycle of Asian horror films. Low budget and serenely paced but does pack a spooky atmosphere and delivers a couple of good chills.

14th November 2005

Kang-hie Choi
Yoon Jae-yi
Gyu-ri Kim
Lim Ji-oh
Min-jeong Kim
Mi-yeon Lee
Hur Eun-yung
Yu-seok Kim
Yong-nyeo Lee
Jin-hie Park
Park So-young
Young-soo Park
Mr Oh
Ji-hie Yun
Kim Jung-sook