Best in Show


Gentle observational satire from Christopher Guest who seems to be the closest thing America has to Mike Leigh. Not sidesplitting, but many great moments. Fred Willard steals every scene he's in. This one concerns dog shows.

Best In Show
15th May 2001


3rd October 2005

Christopher Guest
Harlan Pepper
Parker Posey
Meg Swan
Michael Hitchcock
Hamilton Swan
Eugene Levy
Gerald "Gerry" Fleck
Catherine O'Hara
Cookie Fleck
John Michael Higgins
Scott Donlan
Michael McKean
Stefan Vanderhoof
Patrick Cranshaw
Leslie Cabot
Jennifer Coolidge
Sheri Ann Ward Cabot
Jane Lynch
Christy Cummings
Bob Balaban
Dr. Theodore W. Millbank III
Don Lake
Graham Chissolm
Jim Piddock
Trevor Beckwith
Fred Willard
Buck Laughlin
Ed Begley Jr.
Hotel Manager
Jay Brazeau
Dr. Chuck Nelken
Linda Kash
Fay Berman
Larry Miller
Max Berman
Cody Greg
Zach Berman
Carrie Aizley
Fern City Show Spectator
Lewis Arquette
Fern City Show Spectator
Dany Canino
Fern City Show Judge
William Sasso
Fishin' Hole Guy
Stephen E. Miller
Fishin' Hole Guy
Colin Cunningham
New York Butcher
Teryl Rothery
Philly AM Host
Tony Alcanter
Philly AM Chef
Camille Sullivan
Philly AM Assistant
Dave Cameron
Philly AM Host
Malcolm Stewart
Jay-Lyn Green
Leslie's Nurse
Jehshua Barnes
Scott's Wild Date
Earlene Luke
Mayflower Hound Judge
Harold Pybus
Mayflower Toy Judge
Cleo A. Laxton
Mayflower Terrier Judge
Corrine Koslo
Mayflower Sporting Judge
Andrew Wheeler
Mayflower Ring Steward
Don Emslie
Mayflower Non-Sporting Judge
Don S. Davis
Mayflower Best in Show Judge
Steve Porter
Melanie Angel
'American Bitch' Photo Editor
Doane Gregory
Terry the Photographer
Hiro Kanagawa
Pet Shop Owner
Scott Williamson
Winky's Party Guest
Deborah Theaker
Winky's Party Guest
Rachael Harris
Winky's Party Guest
Fulvio Cecere
Airport Passerby
Lynda Boyd
Cabot Party Guest
Madeleine Kipling
Cabot Party Guest
Marilyn Gann
Cabot Party Guest
Andrew Johnston
Cabot Party Guest