Scream 3


Wes Craven
Dimension Films
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With the death of Cotton Weary, killings baring a similarity to the infamous murders of Woodsboro many years previous begin again. As production begins on the new Stab 3 horror movie, the story based on the events of Scream, Sidney (now living under an assumed name) once more finds her life threatened as the cast start getting offed one by one.

Starting to get a bit thin on plot and ideas now, almost as if it's a remake of the previous film. In fairness it's probably about half a movie stretched out to fill the almost two-hours running time. Definitely not up to the same standard as the others but is still just about credible without being totally boring. Just try not to laugh when you first see Courteney Cox's haircut in the film!

There is talk of a fourth movie being considered.....

See also Scream (1996), and Scream 2 (1997).

3rd February 2000

28th April 2000

4th July 2000


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David Arquette
Dewey Riley
Neve Campbell
Sidney Prescott
Courteney Cox
Gale Weathers
Patrick Dempsey
Det. Mark Kincaid
Parker Posey
Jennifer Jolie
Scott Foley
Roman Bridger
Deon Richmond
Tyson Fox
Emily Mortimer
Angelina Tyler
Lance Henriksen
John Milton
Jenny McCarthy
Sarah Darling
Matt Keeslar
Tom Prinze
Patrick Warburton
Steven Stone
Liev Schreiber
Cotton Weary
Kelly Rutherford
Christine Hamilton
Richmond Arquette
Lisa Beach
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Roger Corman
Studio Exec.
Erik Erath
Carrie Fisher
Bianca Burnette
Lawrence Hecht
Neil Prescott
Julie Janney
Jamie Kennedy
Randy Meeks
Heather Matarazzo
Martha Meeks
Lynn McRee
Maureen Roberts-Prescott
[seen only in photograph]
Jason Mewes
Nancy O'Dell
Female Reporter
Josh Pais
Det. Jason Wallace
Kevin Smith
Silent Bob
Daniel K. Arredondo
Office security guard
Wes Craven
man with video camera
John Embry
stage security guard
Lisa Gordon
Roger L. Jackson
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Ken Taylor
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Beth Toussaint
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