The Ice House


Tim Fywell

Another rivetting murder mystery from Minette Walters. Edge-of-your-seat payoff and terrific performances from Daniel Craig and Kitty Aldridge. Part of a must-have boxed set.

20th June 2005

Daniel Craig
Det. Sgt. McLoughlin
Corin Redgrave
Det. Chief Inspector George Walsh
Kitty Aldridge
Anne Cattrell
Frances Barber
Diana Goode
Penny Downie
Phoebe Maybury
James D'Arcy
Jonathan Maybury
Ian Price
Bill Stanley
Danny Midwinter
Det. Constable Blackshaw
Alexandra Milman
Jane Maybury
Gerard Horan
Det. Sgt. Robinson
Luke Garrett
P.C. Williams
Ann Bell
Molly Phillips
Dave Hill
Fred Phillips
Niven Boyd
Dr. Webster
Jack Galloway
Paddy Clarke
Belinda Sinclair
Eileen Clarke
Anthony May
Peter Barnes
Liam McKenna
Eddie Staines
Jan Shand
Ward Sister
Lynn Farleigh
Mrs. Thompson
Willie Ross
Wally Ferris
Krysia Pepper
W.P.C. Brownlow
Geoffrey Greenhill
Sergeant Rogers
Laura Girling
Kelly McLoughlin
Sara Stephens
Amanda Holt
Village Woman
Paul Jerricho
David Maybury
Gary Lammin
Helena McCarthy
Mrs Ledbetter
Simon Melia
Karen Murden
Mrs Fowler
Finn Taylor