Every Home Should Have One

Think Dirty


Jim Clark

Mild mannered advertising executive is coerced into adding a sex element to spice up the ads for a frozen porridge.

70s comedy that has all the right ingredients but only manages a couple of laughs. Mostly worth it for the parade of 70s beauties, notably the frequently unclad Julie Ege and a fight sans stunt doubles in Shepperton's prop department.

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5th March 1970

Think Dirty
1st April 1978

Marty Feldman
Teddy Brown
Judy Cornwell
Liz Brown
Garry Miller
Richard Brown
Shelley Berman
Nat Kaplan
Hy Hazell
Mrs. Kaplan
Julie Ege
Inga Giltenburg
Penelope Keith
Lotte von Gelbstein
Moray Watson
Jack Watson
Mark Elwes
Harold Innocent
Dinsdale Landen
Vicar Geoffrey Mellish
John McKelvey
Colonel Belper
Charles Lewsen
Arthur Soames
Maggie Jones
Hetty Soames
Ellis Dale
Leonard Crape
Frances de la Tour
Maud Crape
Patrick Cargill
Wallace Trufitt
Patience Collier
Mrs. Monty Levin
Ray Fell
Goldilocks Presenter
Annabel Leventon
Chandler's secretary
Mischa De La Motte
Trufitt's Manservant
Veronica Clifford
Hot dog Girl
Diana Quiseekay
Vicki Hodge
Sarah Badel
Joanna Snow
John Wells
Michael Bates
John Hamill
Porridge Eater #1
Robert Farrant
Porridge Eater#2
Kenny Rodway
Porridge Eater #3
Dave Dee
Wednesday Play Star
Judy Huxtable
Dracula's Victim
Rose Hill
Shopping Woman
Winnie Holman
Shopping Woman
Bernard Sharpe
Shopping Man
Roland Curram
Arthur and Mario
David Hutcheson
Roy Beck
Passer by (uncredited)
Alan Bennett
Defence Solicitor
David Lee
Ern (uncredited)
Alan Bennett
Defence Solicitor
Erika Bergmann
Fiona Curzon
Geraldine Gardner
Robert Gillespie
TV Exec
Sheila Gish
Mother in TV Commercial
Christopher Godwin
Magistrates' Clerk
James Payne
Taxi Driver with the Dwarfs
Marianne Stone
TV Production Asst.#1
John Bindon
Party Guest
Roy Evans
TV Studio floor director
Rex Jameson
Mrs Shufflewick (Piano player)
Marcus Powell
Party guest