Richard Fleischer

Lloyd Bridges
Tris Stewart
Barbara Payton
Meg Dixon
John Hoyt
Agent John Downey
James Todd
Jack Sylvester
Russ Conway
Chief Agent Gunby
Robert Karnes
Agent Fred Foreman
Harry Antrim
The Warden
Lucille Barkley
Betty Mason
Ralph Brooks
Agent at Briefing
Robert Carson
Bill Mason
Stephen Chase
Chief of Secret Service
Ken Christy
Deputy Marshal
Clancy Cooper
Desk Sergeant
Sayre Dearing
Agent at Briefing
Fred Graham
Patrol Car Cop Outside Nightclub (unconfirmed)
Joe Haworth
Motorcycle Cop
Lyle Latell
Agent Curry
George Magrill
Undercover Agent Stakeout
Rory Mallinson
Agent Raymond's Partner
Harold Miller
Nightclub Patron Asking for Cigarettes
Tommy Noonan
The Bank Teller
Charles Perry
Bank Customer
Charles Perry
Bank Customer
Charles Regan
Ruth Robinson
Mrs. Flaherty
Douglas Spencer
Sam Hooker
Brick Sullivan
Detective Lieutenant
Frank Sully
Sam, Bartender
Mack Williams
Agent Raymond
William Woodson
Off-Screen Narrator (voice)